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Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)

Started by sics, May 14, 2018, 12:26:09 AM

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They are like my curtains, they are there but they are useless :laugh:, as I said before, at the moment they are just a modified currency :D
No need to ask, any kind of help will be welcome :beer:

By the way, I draw this other version leaving aside the original scheme to take better advantage of the colors, what do you think of it?

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In my opinion, it isn't as good. It looks cylindrical rather than round like it should be. I also prefer the dithering over the reflective lines. It is still a nice looking idea, but isn't best in that situation. So yeah, I'd  say stick with the original



I think it's a very wise criticism, I suppose I could include it as an optional extra :thumbsup:

Thank you very much, I'm happy to have you here again! :beer:

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I Love The Fonts That Your Using For This Game and I'm Glad That I Was Able To Make A Sheet That Contains Some Fonts From Sonic Pocket Adventure So You Can Use Them For The Next Update On Sonic The Hedgehog On The Nintendo Entertainment System!  :thumbsup:

Also... How's The Progress On Sonic For The NES?

1. Did You Manage To Finally Make Room For The "Time Bonus" Text?  :huh:

2. How Did You Manage To Add Choas Emeralds To The Game, Did You Actually Managed To Make The Choas Emeralds Collectable Thus Having Two Endings Depending On Which Sonic Did Or Did Not Collect All Of The Emeralds?  :huh:

3. I Still Think That This Game Would Still Make a Whole Lot Of Sense If This Game Instead Used The SMS/GG Special Stage Tune For The Special Stage Instead Of The Sega Genesis Special Stage Tune and Are You Planning On Changing The "Special Zone" Text Back To "Special Stage" When The End-Level Finishes On Showing The Player How Many Points They Get?  :huh:


 About the fonts, after trying them I think they clash with the aesthetic that I try to achieve, but do not worry this is a fair democracy and the effort is rewarded, so I will include them as an optional patch for those who want to enjoy them* :thumbsup:

1. Yes, it took a lot of work to get it, for it was necessary to rewrite the end of level screen from scratch, but I think the result was worth it, I hate to leave things half :D
   ♦ I had to break down all this information to understand everything correctly :o
2. It's strange, this question has been asked several times, even four comments before your question I answered a similar query, anyway I will assume that you had a very busy day to read, so:

About the "chaos emerald", you must understand that this project is designed to facilitate any attempt for future improvement, so I advance on all that is within my capabilities, my strength is the graphics and patience, thanks to both slowly I went giving me an idea of ​​how almost everything that is important works, but although technically I could create the alternative screens that you mention, I still can not program everything necessary to integrate them into the game.

For that reason, the "chaos emerald" currently have no greater purpose than being there and looking pretty, when I finish doing everything I can do alone, maybe I will try asking for help, but it is logical to think that it is not an easy task, since each The person has their occupations and the idea of ​​messing with a stranger's project can be somewhat intimidating.

That is why I also consider the possibility of writing a publication detailing all the purposes that I have not achieved, in this way the one that is interested in contributing its bit, but is not willing to complicate by compromising with anyone will have its space ;)

3. Recently I started to analyze the patch that Ti created to improve the music, as a curious fact I discovered that the original music engine and its tracks are still present in the game, on the other hand I understood the reason why the demonstrations are no longer available level from "Marble Zone" onwards, it seems that the game uses a reduced copy of these sequences stored in a different sector of the game or at least it has been altered to work in this way :'(

The problem is that my lack of musical notions prevent me from advancing at the speed that the public would like, on the other hand, although some people have suggested that I ask Ti for help directly, I think it is a bit shameless to try it when dealing with his own work.

I had not noticed the error in the name of the special stage, for the moment I do not know how to solve it, but I will see what I can do, thank you very much for reporting it

  * When you create a new tile I recommend you distribute the special characters in 8x8 intervals so that the one who wants to use it does not have to guess how it is used correctly.

** On the other hand, in order for your image to be displayed correctly, you must use the correct link, you are using the link of your DA publication, the link of the image is:

*** Finally I would like to clarify that the tone of the answers is "friendly", if you feel that it is not this way, it is only because of my inexperience when writing in English, thanks for understand! :beer:


Edit: This is the image that is no longer displayed in SuperStarFox's commentary:

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I'm curious as to how close to completion this project is. What are you currently working on and is there much else on your endless list of jobs you need to get done?


 Some time ago I overcame the objectives that I had initially proposed to release this hack, but with the feedback of the people my goals were expanded, for that reason it is difficult to establish when I will terminate this project.

Currently I divide my work into two blocks, the first one is "Possible goals" and the second is "Unlikely things", the problem is that even though with the second block I have great possibilities of failing are the tasks that most they attract to try to carry them out, because when I overcome them I feel a very great satisfaction, without mentioning that I am likely to discover relevant information in the process.

Before releasing a preliminary version of the game I would like to repair the course of some levels and see how to balance the distribution of the objects too, the problem is that I am a little discouraged to know that if there were any tool it would be an infinitely easier job, that's why I'm waiting for the right opportunity to start that titanic task :thumbsup:
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Honestly, this looks great. Good job. As goals should go, you should remember when to ask people for help when you know you're stumped. You should also only work from time to time in order to prevent burnout. But as far as you've gone, this looks great.
Hey there


 Thank you very much for everything, I will try to put into practice what you have suggested :thumbsup:
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More great progress on this I see! :thumbsup: I really like the new end-of-level scoreboard.

I had a question about Eggman's first appearance.  The wrecking ball under the Eggmobile is only shown a quarter at a time, which I'm guessing may have been done in the original to keep the number of sprites-per-scanline (or some other similar technical limit) down to what can be shown on the NES?  If that's right, could the different quarters be made to rotate more quickly to create the illusion of a single, flickering ball?  (Apologies if this is a stupid question - I don't know much about the constraints!)


It does already do that :P
The ball in-game flickers at one quarter per frame which, while not ideal, works well enough. The reason the GIFs here show it as being slower is because sics makes them themself, so you can't expect them to be that accurate. Some of the other animations play at the wrong speed in the GIFs too.


Thank you very much, I really tried hard to fix that screen! :thumbsup:
On the other hand, as Gastronomicon (HPJ) mentioned the animations are not a faithful reproduction of how the game exposes its graphics, since it runs at 60Hz, and the updates of each graphic are not carried out harmoniously to be exact, that's why I focus on exhibiting the changes that I am making in a simplified way, but always keeping relation with the original sequences, although in this case I made an error, in the image the animation should be executed in the following order:


Even so, I think the confusion is understandable, but you should keep in mind that the public that I address mainly are people who have knowledge of how the game looks, likewise do not worry I'm very happy that you have been interested in my project and I would like clarify that for me every question is important, so if you wish I can give you a demo of the latest version of this hack, so you can see everything in more detail :beer:

  * In this capture try to reproduce the sequence with greater fidelity, but apparently this format does not support a higher speed than the current, I'm sorry :P

Hi! :laugh:
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Did You Manage To Add The New Title Screen For The Upcoming NES Improvement?


Just wondering... Labyrinth Zone has lots of areas like this where the water levels don't line up properly

Would you be willing to change that if you have that chance? (IDK how you would, the only way I can think of is to find that level editor you're looking for)


It's pretty, is not it?

Although unfortunately the sector that is responsible for creating the layer that colors the skin of Sonic is encoded as a single block and not as several independent sprites as he presumed after analyzing the RAM, in addition the whole uses a single palette, so not is adapted in any way to the minimum requirements necessary to adapt the title screen you design :'(, this can be seen in more detail from line 983 onwards of the code fragment that I showed you in the previous comment:

In this objective I have put all my effort for a long time, so after thinking about it I think it is essential to ask for the help of someone with more experience so as not to waste all that work.*
  * The only reason why I have not started an article about it is because I am currently suffering from pneumonia, so I only dedicate myself to nonsense like updating this article or some graphic edition. (Only to distract me when I feel bad)

Actually discarding the sites that are not really connected to the level, this error only occurs twice in Labyrinth, on the other hand as I mention I intend to fix everything that is within my reach and if I'm lucky a little more :thumbsup:

But even though I would love to have an editor with which to optimize my results, if you look more closely the rom that is testing will realize that the routes of the first three areas are slightly edited.

This is because in spite of not having a simple and accessible method I have the ability to edit the levels, since this is a handful of hexadecimal numbers that correctly superimposed on a level image result in a global map of each act.

Real size image
But this is inefficient in several ways that it is not necessary to mention :P
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I'm sure this hack will be great, I remember when I was young I was given a Chinese nes and a cartridge came with the "somari", and I always had the hope that someone modified it so that it would be "almost" the same as the sega master version.
Thanks Sics for moving forward. :beer:


 I played "Somari" for the first time in a NOAC Famiclon similar to PSOne, when they lent the cartridge to my brother, although at that moment I thought it was great, after trying the Megadrive version I started to suspect that the game might not have as much quality as I thought :laugh:

Being honest I think that the game will only feel complete when they fix the physics, the soundtrack is completed and everything necessary to apply the new title screen is solved.

Speaking only as a fan I would love for Ti and Amilgi to meet, but for my part, the only thing I can promise is that I will make an effort to leave the game as best I can :thumbsup:

Small update
1. The EggmanMovil graphics were updated again.
2. Eggman's escape animations were corrected.
3. The initial position of Eggman's Wrecking Ball was corrected.
4. The animation of the Wrecking Ball was corrected.
5. The capsule of Labyrinth Zone is leveled.
6. Order my notes :D

1. Although the final highlight is similar to the previous version.
2. Now the palette does not get corrupted when Eggman escapes.*
3. Did you notice that the Wrecking Ball was emerging from your head? :laugh:
4. Now the animation runs the same as the first mockup that it presents.
5. To achieve this it was necessary to identify Eggman's programming in Labyrinth, but now I learned that this information is always below the data of the enemies of the last act of the Zone in question.

* It would be very beneficial to get the EggmanMovil and the enemy of the Final Zone to use individual palette settings, in case you are a sexy hacker with the ability to help achieve that goal, I attach the code block that controls this information.
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I Love The New Update You Did Today...
While You Were Busy, I Also Worked On and Fully Tested The Pocket Adventure Fonts For The NES Game of Sonic The Hedgehog and It Works Perfectly... I Even Used The Fonts For My Update On Ms. Pac-Man - The Arcade Edition On NES And It Works Also!  :laugh:
By The Way, In Case Your Wondering... I Used (Tile Layer Pro) To Edit Sprites, Text, and Some Tiles!  :)

P.S: Keep Up The Good Work Sics, Your Kingtastic Amounts of Work Is Really Paying Off!  :thumbsup:


Aaaah this is going so well! But by "eggman's escape" do you mean in labyrinth zone, or have you managed to implement the animations of him escaping from final zone? Because if the latter, that's really cool!