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Secret of Mana: Equipment Overhaul

Started by Timbo, January 02, 2019, 03:27:39 PM

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The Purpose of this hack is to re-balance equipment so that every piece to eliminate redundancies and to make each piece useful until the next upgrade point. A secondary goal was to eliminate much of the game's grinding. Secret of Mana is a multiplayer game. Killing a single enemy repeatedly is not a great way to entertain your friends and family.

Apply this patch to an unheadered rom:

I'm looking for feedback and playtesting. I want to hear what people think about the changes and what I should do differently. I'll submit it to the site properly one I know they it's bug free.

A full changelog is provided in the zip file.

Design Choices:
- The Wisdom Bonus Bug is fixed. The game now properly adds Wisdom bonuses to equipment.
- I moved some items around in the late to end of game shops to eliminate redundancies.
- Several end of game rare items are now purchaseable. Since most of the end game equipment is only relatively same-ish, Neko now most of it at the Grand Palace. Small adjustments were made to make sure that each piece was relatively equal in terms of value.
- Almost all monster drops were nerfed down to consumable items. There are a few exceptions to this rule.
- All three characters get a unique headwear, bodywear, and armwear item. These items are dropped by enemies in the Pure Land and Mana Fortress.
- A handful of Griffin Hands and Ice Thugs now appear in the Mana Fortress to prevent items from becoming permanently missable.
- Weapon Orbs are now dropped by Grand Palace enemies but only while they are in the Mana Fortress.

Kethinov - For showing me where all of the item and shop data is and figuring out that weapon orbs from enemy chests only drop in the Mana Fortress.
Mziab - For helping me understand the difference between hi and lo rom.
Mop - For helping me find the Mana Fortress enemy spawn data.
Regrs - For explaining how to fix the Wisdom Bonus Bug.


I have a suggestion. How about giving Lvl 9 weapons (except the Sword of Mana) a stronger boost in power and effects?
I once used the editor with some success to alter weapons in a way, that they are much more enjoyable to use.
But damn does the editor make the ROM files big.


For now, I'm planning to parse out my hacks piecemeal. While enemy Weapon Orbs treasure drops are a part of this hack, weapons are not. There will be an Omni-hack at some point though.

That said, there is a weapon hack on the horizon. Before that can happen I need to track down a copy of either Zhade's or Moppu's Monster Weapon Affinity bugfix