Any questions?! The Legend of Zelda: Link's Shadow.

Started by The3Dude, April 02, 2018, 03:08:10 AM

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Quote from: The3Dude on May 06, 2018, 10:12:33 PM
And Hey snarfblam, thanks for implementing that great automap feature! :thumbsup:

No problem. Thanks for including it in your hack. Makes it all the more worth the effort.  ;D

I've spent some time with this hack. Not a fan of swordless segments, and really not a fan of being able to run out of ammo in the beginning. I was on the fence about making a second attempt after I found myself utterly defenseless in the beginning, but I'm glad I did.

The polish put on the graphics has a surprisingly big impact. The world seems well designed makes you want to explore it. Screens look great and make great use of the available building blocks. You're certainly more clever about it than I ever was. I have been having a bit of trouble finding dungeons (maybe I just haven't trekked far enough?) but I don't find myself getting bored or irritated. Swordless segment aside, I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far. Hope to be able to spend some more time with it, maybe this weekend.


Glad you're enjoying it, and yeah when I saw your automap I thought "this is some good hexing!":thumbsup: Great job with that! If you have any questions then I'm here to help. Also the sword costs 105 rupees and is to the north. (Just in case you couldn't find it.)


@snarfblam - I felt the same as you. I definitely prefer to have my sword, but the overworld was designed nicely. Some of the dungeons were a pain to find. An even bigger pain was finding the important items in the dungeon. Some of the blocks you push were unconventional. The game does feel better once you find a sword.  :laugh:   

The3Dude - Overall a solid game. I'm definitely wasn't a fan of the Magical Sword being missing from the 2nd quest. Having only 8 hearts max didn't bother me. What would have been better in my option to offset only getting 8 hearts and no master sword was to get the step ladder in Map 1 to get the Blue Tunic earlier and get the Red Tunic early as well like level 5 or 6. The game was already tough with 16 hearts.  :laugh:    I would have put the Silver Arrows like Map 6 or 7 to make them a viable weapon instead of just using for Dark Link. With Bombs also being suck a vital weapon, it would have been good to get a max of 20 or 24 instead of the normal 16. I haven't finished Map 9 yet in the 2nd quest due to time constraints, but once I do, I'll write my review for you.

BTW - I read your other post about someone selling your game. That's happened to others I know. Nothing can be done about that though. You can only hope Nintendo steps in and shut them down.
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