PS1 No$PSX Romhack Tutorial (Megaman Legends)

Started by ShadyRounds, April 25, 2018, 09:38:14 AM

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Made videos demonstrating my methods to romhack Megaman Legends for the PS1, using CheatEngine, ePSXe1925, No$PSX, and others listed in video. Hope it helps startup projects.

I won't lie, don't know if/how to embed these.
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Project: Megaman Legends Remix


Thanks for sharing! I always wanted to see in video the process of other people

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Man, this is amazing! I really hope you continue this series, this gave me an idea of a hack I think I may be able to complete with your method...

So part 3 will be making changes to the actual rom files? I'm very looking forward to that!