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Mega Man X4 Undub (v1.13) & Mega Man 8 Undub (v1.4)

Started by acediez, April 29, 2018, 05:14:54 PM

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Heaven Piercing Man




Hell yeah!

Solid One

Just downloaded the latest patch. It's good to see the game with a new thin font that can now have up to 30 characters per line, instead of the original one that allows only 20. That matches perfectly with the idea of changing original scripts with the ones translated directly from japanese by Hondoori.

BTW, I made a quick test from NO$PSX, and got two small graphic issues:

The background for Cross and Triangle buttons should be gray. But they are transparent instead.


Thanks, it'll be fixed it in the next update.

Hello again  :)

- (Fix) Fixed broken palette colors in button icons from menus (in the "Final Weapon Script" version)
- All videos re-encoded. No color/quality loss (as far as I can tell). The misplaced "damn you" in the Zero fight video's subtitle was fixed.
- Subtitled videos from the PC Final Weapon project added to the "Final Weapon Script" version of the patch. The previous mixed version (Final Weapon script, Hondoori script video subtitles) was kept as a separate patch.
- Updated to latest mkpsxiso (v1.23)

As I got the Final Weapon's subtitled videos directly from the PC side of the project, these have their own font style for the subtitles. They're a bit thinner, and might not look too hot on certain systems/screens/filters, so I kept the previous set of videos as a separate option.

A lot went under the hood for this little update. All the videos were completely reencoded, and a newer version of mkpsxiso was used to rebuild the disc. I'm crossing my fingers, but there *might* be regressions. So, again, all test reports are very welcome.

And, that's it for the X4 undub project! At least on my end.
There are a couple of things being worked on by other people for the PC Final Weapon project that I plan to include if/when they get done, like a retranslation of the ending's text (which is written as graphics), and restoring the japanese version's intro animation. I might make a complete "Rockman" version of the project if this last one gets done.

For now, all I have left to do here, besides fixing any possible bugs on this release, is giving the same treatment to Mega Man 8 (reencode videos, update mkpsxiso), which *should* fix the ending song's playback.


I'm going to test this new version! I'm so glad you worked out the video color problem, so it should be perfect now!

Thirteen 1355

Props! Both X4 and X6 are getting the treatment they deserve! Both had loads of unfulfilled potential (X4 on the plot side, X6 on the everything side), and I feel you managed to bring out as much of that potential as possible. Now I'll hope X5 (my favourite) will get the same level of care from someone  :woot!:

Thanks a lot for all the work on these games. X4 already felt miles better with just the undub, but I can't wait to try out the retranslation.
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Well, well, assuming if you're just using the normal undub patch and not the hondori and final weapon sub patches, looks like you finally nailed everything! no more bugs, hooray! :woot!: and I must say the re-encoded videos have a much better quality compared to the FMV of the unpatched rom, the only downside is the total rom size of the patched rom is larger than the clean rom, but no biggie, this patch status can be considered as complete! Thank you for the job well done!



Taken down? Aw man. That's not good. I wanted to try it when I find a copy of the official game.


Hello, I'd like to report three bruh moments (In other words, three issues) in the Final Weapon Relocalize versions of X4 Undub. Unless you're already aware of them, of course.

1st: The comma in the "X Buster, Weapon" thing in the controller remap menu looks really... Off. It's just overlapped.

2nd: Thanks to the font, the line where X(?)/Zero scream Dragoon's name when Magma Dragoon dies jumps out of the box.

3rd: When I encounter Frost Walrus, the game FUCKING *softlocks.*

I only witnessed them myself in RetroArch's Beetle PSX core, playing as Zero.
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The Mega Man 8 Undub download link is still down, also i want thank you for all your work with the megaman game improvements you being working on it really improves the experience 


I've reuploaded the Mega Man 8 undub with my current build, which has been rebuilt with the latest mkpsxiso. This *might or might not* have fixed the ending song's timming being different on emulators and hardware (and not playing at all on some). I've been holding on releasing it because I haven't properly tested it beyond a couple of stages, but since the previous link is dead, I figured it's better than nothing™

As for the bugs in the Final Weapon script version of the X4 Undub, I haven't been able to fix those yet, so I put a warning next to the download link for the time being. The base undub version should be safe to use all the way through.

Edit 2019.10.21:

Well, I tested Mega Man 8's ending on Beetle PSX. I just updated the download file with a modified .CUE sheet which the right timming for the ending song to start ("PREGAP"). Seems to be fine, except that it's cut before it's supposed to. I don't know how to fix this at the moment. Other than that, it's complete.

I also updated X4, I fixed the freeze on the final weapon script version when facing Frost Walrus as Zero. The "Dragon!" text after Magma Dragoon's fight is still there though, I don't know what's causing it.


And there you have it. Two more bruh moments in the Final Weapon version I didn't get to see until now.

1st: "Don't do this to me, Iris..." jumps out of the box.

2nd: Colonel still says 'Repliroid' when you kill him as X. It's unimportant but inconsistent with the localization shifts you've done to the relocalization. Guess you overlooked.
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1. You mean the same way as the "Dragoon!" one? Text remains visible after the text box closes?

2. Yeah, forgot to look for "Repliroids -> Reploids". I'll fix it on a future update.

Thanks for your reports. If you have any more bruh moments, just let me know.

Heaven Piercing Man

Thanks for the reupload, now I'm not gonna cry like an anime fan on prom night.


A note about versioning: for consistency across my other PS1 Mega Man projects, I renamed all releases to a two digits nomenclature (ex.: v04 -> v1.4). The renamed files and updated links are still the same previous available version.

Thirteen 1355

I'm planning to play Mega Man 8 with this undub patch soon. Anything I need to pay attention to for eventual reporting? Anything that's still planned to be added/improved upon?
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Thirteen 1355

Yaaay, I sure will! You did an awesome job on this!

October 27, 2019, 04:12:55 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Oh yeah, this isn't too undubby, but would it be possible to replace Tengu Man's stage theme with its Saturn variant?
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I don't understand the music format MM8 uses (it's not the standard PS1 XA format, like in X1-X6). It might be a secquence+samples format... in which case, I don't know if a straight WAV conversion is even possible.