Any suggested PS1 Emulators out there with a good debugger?

Started by RaidouJFlo, April 23, 2018, 04:34:26 PM

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Looking to challenge myself with PS1 debugging now after working with NES/SNES. FCEUX and BSNES are great tools, I'm wondering if there's something as good or close to those for PS1? I did try no$psx before but I don't think I put enough time into it yet.



As someone who has been developing this matter, in my PCSX fork, I am curious: what exactly are you looking for?

If it is a matter of breakpoints and tracing, I suggest sticking to nocash, as the emulation is more sane.


Use No$PSX to break/trace, and I even have created a thread on new tutorial videos I just did for tracing values to addresses so you have somewhere to start if you want to change literally anything. (also, how to even use no$psx, as it's very finnicky over syntax)

Unbiased, I heard good things about psx1.13, pcsx-trace, and xebra or whatever. This method specifically works for my Megaman Legends project, as the game crashes in most those others and psx1.13 crashes for me on breaking which is a lot of restarting. Probably all "me" problems though.

Feel welcome to update us with how you proceed or if my demonstration of No$PSX was useful at all. I just made it and it was a bit of a snafu to record but there's little video documentation on how to use no$psx so I wanted to make something. Would be impeccable if it was well-timed to help you just as you were looking for it.
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