Any reason for the Valkyria Chronicles 3 translation not being here?

Started by SCO, April 21, 2018, 06:33:28 AM

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I mean, i know it's too big but that didn't stop some patches from appearing here and just linking the external page with instructions.


Probably no one added it; after all, RHDN doesn't add things automatically, the users must do it. There are more games like that, by the way (some PC-98 translations etc.)


Yeah, i had the idea for a long time that we weren't allowed to post missing translations if not the author or staff. Glad I finally figured it's not the case as long as all attribution is correct. Just put in the Nayuta no Kiseki translation by flamewing from 2016 on the queue.

Will probably do the same for the Persona 1 PSP music hack and try to add all of these hacks to RA scanner.

Though i'm hoping someone else does the Valkyria Chronicles 3 page since i don't want to download the huge required files or work with janky windows software that may or may not work on wine.


I had actually been meaning to do this for a while so I submitted a page just now.