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Author Topic: LTTP + LADX Palette Improvement Hacks  (Read 802 times)


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LTTP + LADX Palette Improvement Hacks
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:04:03 pm »
Since I'm new and not much discussion is needed, I figured I'd post it here, but if a mod thinks it would be better suited to Personal Projects, feel free.

I'm currently working on two hacks, and I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some information on how to proceed on one of them. I can't edit Link's Awakening DX any further without using a hex editor, so I need to know where to make my changes going forward.
I'm using BGB's debugger to see the palettes, but how do I figure out where these palettes are being loaded from in the rom?

Thankfully, it seems BGB shows me exactly what to input based on what color I choose? Very handy when paired with gcolor2's eyedropper.

So, the projects themselves are as follows:

A Link To The Past

  • Everyone is lighter for improved contrast.
  • Link's and Zelda's hair are a cherry blond color like in Link's official artwork.
  • Link's green tunic is the same shade of green as his hat.
  • Link's hat is always the same color as his tunic.
  • Link's hat always has a yellow accent.
  • No sprites have been altered. Official sprites only.

Link's Awakening

The point of this hack is to manually correct the colors instead of relying on emulator color correction features. Not only color correction, but stylistic choices to make the game seem more colorful are used. No large changes though - hues are to remain intact.

  • The whole overworld has been recolored.
  • Dungeon palettes viewable in LALE have been recolored.
  • The ugly yellow color is more of a sandy beige now.
  • Grass is less yellow as well, more green.
  • The bright gold sand area is still bright gold, contrasting the rest of the sand which is now sandy beige as well.
  • The egg is white like on the title screen.

Incomplete/Other Ideas

  • LTTP: The arrows in the font used on signs is to be replaced with the Europe release counterpart. Out of all three versions, that one looks the best/is the most legible at a glance.
  • LTTP: Might give another go at copying the changes made by Redux/whichever hack it is that fixes the translation. First time I failed, but I've learned more since then. I think I can get it right the second time.
  • LADX: Recolor the indoors.
  • LADX: Recolor the remaining sprites only as necessary.

LTTP will obviously be finished sooner. Hyrule Magic has been good to me for such an easy thing as palette edits, and there wasn't much that I felt needed to be changed to begin with. Once all hex edits are done here, plus the quick script edits, it will be ready and come in two versions, with just the palette changes + sign font correction, and one with the translation corrections also. I'd like to do Agahnim's recolor too, but from what I understand, his palette is used elsewhere. Too much work for me, I'm afraid, so I've let that one go.

LADX will take time to ensure I haven't missed anything and to make sure whatever I change doesn't conflict with anything else.

I'll post some screenshot comparisons later, as I've mostly been testing on my TV, and for LADX I'll probably do a comparison with and without color correction as well. I kind of like it with color correction even with my corrected palette, because I honestly like blue-green that much better than yellow-green. I'm conflicted. Maybe I should redo the colors a second time to lighten them again? I don't know.