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Megaman Battle Network Spanish Translation

Started by kabuchi203, April 09, 2018, 03:01:07 PM

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Hello, we just translated the first game of Megaman Battle Network for the GBA into Spanish and are planning to translate the rest of the series. The translations is nearly 100% we just left some names and words in English but the story, most menus and chip descriptions are translated. Our group's name is MNTWFL TRASNLATIONS. You can visit our facebook page to stay updated:

Let us know if you liked our translations and if there are any errors please send us a personal message with a screenshot so we can fix it.

Here you can download the patch of the translation:

To apply the patch first get the rom of the game, then just use Lunar IPS to apply the patch. Just open Lunar IPS and click on "Apply IPS Patch", then select the patch file which is called "Megaman Battle Network(EspaƱol)V1.1.ips" and then select the rom of the game, and that's it the game will be patched and translated.