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Wolfenstein3D - SNES Uncut hack

Started by Fire-WSP, March 19, 2018, 10:19:14 PM

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One thing I did notice, is that I was fighting Hans Grosse in like the 3rd level, is that normal?

For the Second Encounter family (SNES - Jaguar - Mac - 3DO - Amiga - PC98), that is normal = Mission 1 has only 3 floors, with Hans.

Also, another thing that threw me off a bit, was that Level 1 right after starting plays "Funk You" instead of "Get Them Before They Get You". Is that normal too?

DOS: Get Them Before They Get You, Searching for the Enemy, March to War
SNES: Funk You, Get Them Before They Get You, Ultimate Challenge
Jaguar: Get Them Before They Get You, POW, Ultimate Challenge
Mac / 3DO: Custom tracks. Didn't want to pay Bobby Prince royalty rights to use music, so MacPlay / Interplay made their own

So iD didn't like the SNES arrangement and moved things around for Jaguar.

Funny thing is that R. Prince didn't keep the original Roland MIDIs, which makes the Adlib soundtrack the OST (which has some bum notes). He did recreate several tracks after release:

Wondering About My Loved Ones
Get Them Before They Get You
Searching For the Enemy
The March to War
Enemy Around the Corner
Zero Hour
The Tower
Funkie Colonel Bill
Evil Incarnate
Ultimate Challenge

but they sound kinda different from DOS ones. Atari Jaguar MIDI tracks imitate Roland to a degree. I haven't compared the different soundtracks much though.

SNS MIDI = ...
Jag MIDI =
Dm2 MIDI = - doom2 music.7z
WTV MIDI = - prince music.7z

BTW, what were the PAR times used for Redux / Boss modes (before rounding)? Is a pistol reset required? Because it's easy to stack up 299 bullets or 99 missiles / flames and flatten many of those times. Or just run by everyone on very easy mode.

And for those still playing the DOS versions (non-ecwolf), get this (1.48 = 30th anniversary, Liberation Day in Netherlands)


Is somebody here who can record some cool gameplay of the hack and post it on youtube or so?
Also we our toolkit it is very easy to swap the music tracks.
I think since it is in the JAG version changed I go with the JAG order.


I think these are vanilla bugs

- Stand next to an open door and lure an enemy into the doorway. If you time it well, you can trap enemies and bosses just before the door normally closes. They will get caught trying to leave but you will keep blocking their movement. Easy no-hit kill. Testing with dogs is easiest.

- Sometimes when guards walk or die around ceiling lights, you don't see their feet or blood stains. It's like ceiling texture is in front and obscures the enemy behind it. When they walk in front, then it's okay.

- 5-8 is way too easy with full missile cache at start. Satan is a joke to kill with that many missiles around the floor.

- Can't speedup title fading or Spear ending with START press


"AARDWOLF" i found an easter egg in redux mode in 2-3 :D


These last few times I've been restoring the faces of B.J blazkowicz from the DOS version and some faces from the Atari Jaguar version, and I've also been experimenting with the color palette of the SNES version of Wolfenstein in a version closer to the color palette of DOS

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if the images do not appear