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Author Topic: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage  (Read 3219 times)


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Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« on: March 19, 2018, 04:16:35 am »
Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage

After months and months and months of on and off grinding at it, my hack is officially complete
which I call The Triforce Of Courage. Here's what you can look forward to in this hack.

The best from ShadowOne333 & Njosro hacks which include the following:
Manual save with 1st controller
Manual save no longer count towards death counter
Can continue after Game Over or Manual Save from palace
Life Meter HUD now displays hearts
No longer lose experience from enemies

The hack also uses the awesome sprites from Revility's Rev Edition hack.

Most enemies have more HP, but as a plus, they give out more experience points.
It cost more to level up, but as a bonus, your sword is ever stronger and your magic
costs less at level 8.

Bosses have more HP and give more experience in this game.

You start the game with the Downward Thrust

Once you have the spells, Shield, Reflect, and Fire are combined into 1 spell

Overworld has changed quite a bit. Palace maps are the same, but rooms have changed.
There are a number of shortcuts including the Great Palace.

As for a hint: With grinding and the right items and patience, it's possible to have all 8
MAGIC & LIFE containers as well as all 8 spells before you beat the 1st palace. It's
hard but possible.

This is my first hack, so I hope I'm posting this in the correct way. Here's the link to download it.

I'd like to give credit to the following people for their assistance:

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Re: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 05:44:32 am »
the romhack is pretty fun so far but finding it easy even more then the original game, I think I found palace 1, got the hammer :o then I got to horsehead but his health didn't go down until i hit him about 10 times then it started going down. The overworld is simple to navigate a lot of open fields and roads everywhere. I like you changed the palaces a bit but a few spots the groups of enemies were lagging the game. I noticed some of the caves have weird color palates like where you get the candle. The roads are double size and the bridge is double too so I guess you gave the option to go through the scene or just walk around it if you don't want to do it, first cave is like that too you go though the cave only to realize you could of walked the road and not bothered with the cave at all. I like that there are Daira enemies but downstab makes it easy to deal with them. I'm not a big fan of those areas you have to jump up 3 spaces it's a tricky jump and usually takes me a few tries. Going through death mountain & most of the caves seems unchanged but the palatte is not cave so it will be lit even with no candle, grass palates are also weird being all red. Death mountain expands into the other side of the map where maze island usually is and it's a lot of walking on roads when i'm forced into sideview areas it uses a lot of the same sideview scenes and feels like I'm doing the same one over & over. I got the boots and magic container there and it's sort of a weird exit from death mountain that sends me back close to the starting area. I noticed a lot of caves have a 2nd exit after the item so you don't have to go back the way you came making it much easier. A lot of bridges are skippable now that I have the boots getting the palaces 2 & 3 in west hyrule is easy as walking straight to them from start onto road & walkable water. I like the idea of fighting horsehead again in palace 2 to get a key that you usually just pick up. I went halfway through palace 2 then came across a pit that I need jump spell for so I had to hunt it down. When I was selecting a spell I was pressing up then A to choose it and it sent me to the save screen and returned me to the start so need to be careful when choosing spells you don't accidentally game over yourself. Just completed palace 2 & not sure why but the key after I beat the boss is a black shadow of a key. the random battles on swamp are pretty funny it's on invisible blocks looks like water below but I didn't die it was only blue swamp. In palace 3 now & the first key is kind of hard to see being the same color as the blocks but I knew it was there from the original game, you can see it but not that obvious. The Octorok enemies are glitchy in palace 3 their heads are messed up when they open their mouth the back of their heads get detached. the Mau enemies are gone but they were annoying anyway especially in that room where there are tons of blocks to break. Just got the raft & finished palace 3, the levels are coming fast already 6 attack and about to head to east hyrule. it seems you don't need the raft to get to east hyrule there is a bridge at the top that you can go there anytime? The room where you learn downstab still has the guy that teaches you so it's pointless to go in there since you start with it. In east hyrule it's even easier to walk through it's almost pure roads and walkable water. I got fire spell but don't see the point since shield also casts fire for less MP. In the swamp every random battle gives me a red jar :woot!: and then i end up running into invisible blocks. i was able to find the 7th magic container before maze island so I got the 8th already in hidden town. the room with the jar is white and not like the others. got spell spell & went to the magical key room but, I only find a 500 rupee. getting the kid on maze island was fast he was in the first cave i went into. on the way back to the town the forced encounters have enemies in the ground. i'm entering these forced encounters only to realize i entered from the wrong side and have to do them over again. not sure why there is a exit cave on maze island that will send you back to a cave that leads to death mountain, so enter that cave and you will have to walk all the way back to maze island from death mountain. Maze island uses a lot of the same sideview scenes but they can all be skipped with a shortcut cave or by walking on the water to the side of the forced encounters. But when I got into maze palace both directions are blocked by doors. So i'll go somewhere else. So i'll try ocean palace, nope don't have fairy spell yet. But I found a secret room going straight in the entrance room. it led me to the boss so i cleared palace and I thought I had to go back in to get the item but ran into a door i cant pass and no key around so I exited ocean palace. After I left i found the last heart container. but now I cant progress through palace 4 or 5 because doors I have no keys & no fairy spell, but I see I can walk around the bottom or east hyrule on the water let's see where this goes. The forced encounters can be skipped by walking out the same way I came in because they are not passthrough type. Well I found Great Palace but can't get in unless I clear the other palaces. I have no way to pass the doors in the palaces left unless I get fairy spell so I need to find the medicine I missed that somewhere I'll have a look around. AH I found the cave with the medicine now I can get fairy spell and do palace 4 & 5. Palace 4 first, I see you lengthened the breakable bridge in that room with the long jump where you can fall down a pit and added lava but the lava pit is even with the ground and there is a spot on the edge of it where you would just die. I'm liking the enemy placement here. Now I got the item, looks like a book not sure what that does. Found a secret fairy room not in the original game after I fell down the pit. The flying Ra enemies are gone to make crossing the breakable bridge easier. I beat palace 4 & got the item but it didn't turn to stone. the cave after maze island I enter ontop of the ceiling:

onto palace 5 it's really similar to the original game but there is an extra boss fight on the way to the item. no point in getting the keys so I went straight to the item. Done with palace 5 it turned to stone & I got the flute so that means I can enter palace 6. Palace 6 seems to be different then the original game it gets a bit more difficult here. I think I found a bad warp in this palace at the room where you need to turn into a fairy to fly through the small gap. falling down the hole again takes you back to one of the rooms near the start of the palace. Falling down the right side of the hole takes you to the normal place but the left side is wrong. I do like the idea of solid floor there with a statue you can fill magic in case you don't have enough magic for fairy spell. I completed palace 6 but didn't get the item so went back in I'm headed there & fell in a trap hole after the mini boss. got rewarded with 500 rupees and it got me to level 8 attack. So I walk around jump the hidden pit and into another boss fight & I get the magical key. Exiting palace 6 it turned to stone & now i'm off to grab thunder spell then Great Palace. I just figured out the book item was the cross. first thing i notice in GP is every room is a different color palette so i'll try to take the regular path & see what happens. I come to a room that has a pit I cant jump so I fairy over it. then there's a room that spells "DARK LINK!" in blocks. the rest of great palace is really similar to the original with some monster changes and a couple room modified. Then I get to thunderbird and the pyramid of blocks in the center of the room is bigger. this actually makes it more difficult because you cant run back and fourth as easy. Having 8 attack he goes down fast and now it's time for Dark Link. I see you put lava on the edge to prevent the corner exploit. Lucky I've had practice fighting dark link normally because i was on my last life. I didnt have much health left but i managed to beat the game.

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Re: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2018, 09:44:34 am »
That 1st door in Palace 4 - Have you considered FAIRY spell? I did leave a clue stating I left a few more reasons to use the FAIRY & JUMP spells.

That random battle for the jar was intentional, since the game was designed to use magic a bit more often.

That black shadow for the keep I'm still working on. It happened when I added ShadowOne333's LifeMeter HUD changes. Hopefully I'll have it fixed soon.

Did you find the Trophy and get the JUMP spell?

In the town where the you get the JUMP spell, the lady that talks about the candle tells you "DO NOT GO EAST WITHOUT A CANDLE" As opposed to South in the original game. There are more areas in the East Hyrule that require the Candle, and ut's possible to go East without it.

Technically, you don't need the raft, but in normal game progression, after Palace 3, you're right where you'll use the raft to get to East Hyrule. I did consider splitting East Hyrule in half insuring you must use the raft to get to Palaces 5 and 6. Stay tuned for an update.

March 19, 2018, 10:49:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Here's an update that addresses the issue with the key as well as making it necessary to use the Raft to get to Palaces 5 & 6. Axe throwing Dairas have also been made slightly stronger.

Even though Death Mountain and Maze Island look exactly the same in the main game, there were meant to be different entities, so I took advantage of that and crafted longer exploration for Death Mountain before you get your item, but I eliminated the need for back tracking. I thought about making Maze Island longer, and I may in a future update, but I wanted to focus more on getting to Palace 4. Remember to not go to Palace 4 without the FAIRY spell!
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Re: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2018, 07:03:08 am »
Nice to see 『Zelda Ⅱ』 get more love‼
It`s not often that it gets romhacking attention・・・ There is so much potential to be had with it with MMC3 mapper changes、 this is a good first hack ULTIMAWEAPON。 good luck with next hacks.

HOLLOWSHADOW Your reply is so interesting but you could add some spaces and line breaks for clarity, thanks. ( ^ω^)・・・


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Re: Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2018, 10:42:13 am »
I will check that room where you were walking on top of the ceiling. I thought I had fixed that.

The Great Palace was meant to have some different pallets. I thought it would be boring with just 1 pallet even though I'm a fan of the 2 I used most especially the water pallet. If requested, I could change it all to water.

There's a neat trick to beating Thunderbird that I will share with you in a separate email.

As far as the pit in Palace 4, I'll go back and make sure the ground is elevated enough to avoid dying when touching the edge. I'm glad you figured that part out and was able to beat Palace 4. As far as it not turning turn, I intentionally held out on releasing it until I got that one to turn to stone, so it's disappointing that it didn't. It's a possibility it could be the version of the rom you patched. 

I was having some fun with the design when I spelled out Dark Link in the Great Palace. Did you also notice what Death Mountain spells out before you get to the item and Maze Island spells out before you get to the palace? Did you notice the swamp patches below the Swamp Palace(Palace 2)?

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