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Zelda II Redux

Started by ShadowOne333, March 15, 2018, 01:29:52 PM

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Hey, I'm really enjoying your work. I just completed a vanilla playthrough a few days ago before I thought to check if there were any hacks. I applied yours just to check out, out of curiosity. Now I'm having enough fun to warrant another full play through!
My biggest gripe has always been Link's sprite. When this game came out, I thought that the hand + sword was just one long arm. I have never been able to unsee this even on the HDTVs of today. The new sprite is a game changer for me.
My only gripes are with the text sound, line spacing being too tight and right margin in the text boxes. But I LOVE the new dialog and text speed. And the new speedier sword beam is so great.
Thank you thank you thank you


Now I wish there was a Faxanadu hack to retain exp and gold upon death. And some tweaks to improve the gameplay. Faxanadu being very similar to Zelda 2- I always want to play Fax after a Zelda 2 playthrough but the severe punishment for such an easy death is so off-putting.

In the Hidden Town of Kasuto, the old woman who gives you the Magic Container is wearing blue. Then when you enter her house, she's wearing red.



you done a great work with theses hacks :)

I would like to create theses hacks for zelda2, can you guide me how I can do it ?

1. I would like to prevent fairy link to pass doors (you already done it) AND I would like to prevent fairy link to open a door when you have a key, link would only be able to open a door when he is link

2. I would like to use dolls as permanent increase of life, when we save and continue the game, link start with a new total of life + dolls he found

3. I would like to interchange the items in palace, I know I can use an editor to move items but the problem is if I move the candle in palace 2, the palace1 is not destroyed until I have the candle.

4. There is a way we can set darkness in some palace zone ? like in cavern we cannot see if we dont have the candle ?

5. I would like to add a cavern with lot of tought enemies between the west and east, so we can cross on the other side before getting the rafts.


I still beat this game kinda easily, and its too bad there isn't a master quest version.


Quote from: IronmanX on January 11, 2023, 11:15:21 PMI still beat this game kinda easily, and its too bad there isn't a master quest version.
You're the exception rather than the rule. Most users don't want an ultra difficult experience. The Vanilla game was difficult enough.