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Higurashi Kizuna DS

Started by agathor35, March 12, 2018, 10:36:37 PM

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So as of late i have been getting help from a friend on twitter with the hacking and such of this game, the main things we managed to figure out is the sprites since their tiles and such.
But the main issue I'm having is that we cant get the Menu UI items from the games at all. And when trying to translate the script to English it makes the game crash.

[Game Files]

  • tex.bin, pal.bin - These are the textures and the pallet files. Sometimes .plb with a .bin texture file appears and we have no clue what these are.
  • CriSisData.cpk, sound_data.sdat - The CPK contains the voice lines, and the SDAT contains the BG
  • RTipsMessDaimei.bin, RTipsMEssMakanu.bin - These are the TIPS script names, and the script for the tips files themselves, I'm not to sure.
  • SCE_ALL.bin, SCE_TREE.bin- These files have the games main script for the novel itself, when i tired to edit these in MadEdit it added a bunch of line break symbols for the English and turned the numbers to code instead, the Japanese has no spaces so i cant figure it out.
  • UI Files: .BIN, .LZE, LZ.bin- So comes to the issue, the UI files and such aren't in a format we know of, most of the UI files are hidden in the obj file inside the games folders. The main issue is the files are split into two files a .LZE file and a .BIN but when using the LZE file extractor it says its not the correct format. You can open the two files in TiledGGD but it doesn't display correctly. and when you try to change the settings it doesn't work and you cant get them to display right. Then the main bg files are LZ.bin's and those can be unpacked in Tinke, but when you unpack them its just another LZ.bin inside

Any help would be greatly appreciated in this game!  Because i wanna translate the game.
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