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Author Topic: [Technical][PSX] Tomba! 2 Hacking/Ripping Fan Team  (Read 1434 times)


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[Technical][PSX] Tomba! 2 Hacking/Ripping Fan Team
« on: March 02, 2018, 12:57:34 pm »
Hi, I'm a very big fan of Tomba! games for PSX. (Or Tombi! in Europe)
It's first title Tomba! it's very explored, but Tomba! 2 it's almost untouched, there's no textures, models, documentation about it's formats and CD contents, no free camera to see the scenery with detail...
Only some music and videos are ripped (Which are easy to obtain actually).

So, I've been months (I don't really know how many months), very intense months doing a lot of research. Tried tools to extract models, analyzed the game textureless and in wireframe mode... Compared a lot of the existent versions of the game to see if there were any difference between their contents...
And well, I've managed to find a way to extract some of the textures, it's not the most comfortable way, but it kinda works. I also modeled a Tomba! model the most similar to the original one that I was able to, but still, it's not the same...

The problem: My programming knoweledge is kinda limited, I know some things, but maybe not enough to do this... Alone.

My idea: If you like Tomba! 2 and you feel like me with this game being so unfairly unexplored (And optionally you have some knoweledge of psx, programming, reverse engineering, whatever.) I don't know, join my Tomba! fan discord server (There should be a link in my signature, but I'm not sure right now) where I'm the only member at the moment, or if not just answer here or DM me at this forum.
Maybe if we put all our knoweledge together we can do something, and also it would be great to know more Tomba! fans.

Thank you for reading!
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