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Author Topic: Modifing NiGHTS on Sega Saturn to pull your score and display it on a opponents  (Read 756 times)


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I got this idea not sure if it possible without a lot of knowledge. I hacked initial d on the Ps1 with different loading screens and videos before that delt with some hex editing.

Anyway I was thinking modifying NiGHTS in a way that
1) Pulls your current score data
2) Feed that score data to Retroarch Netlink thing
3) Display the score live on the networked opponent screen with your score nearby (Add another score to display with the data)

Seems pulling the current score is very doable. I think making another score display under the original isn't that hard either, but haven't seen it done in other hacks

But anyone know what it entails to make one of the score display read from a section that will be "hooked" up to a netlink type setup.

I remember Ps1 what I replaced had to be the same size. With Saturn can I get edit it in such a way to read, display the data in hex?