Snes emulators (Canoe, Snes9x) -- game problems and fixes

Started by sluffy, February 10, 2018, 11:25:45 PM

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Thanks for update.

American Tail -- vanilla rom also displays Nintendo text? Because if it did, first I've heard of this anywhere (including docs). And wasted time thinking it never booted anything.

Faceball 2000 -- if Nintendo was really lazy to not even signal endx flag, there might not be much hope for audio problems in general. Or it suffers from some other audio problem I'm not aware of.

Were there other errors not talked about?

Kinda disheartening atm. But whatever. Fix what I want/can and be done.


Raiden Trad - Test patches 2 & 3 both seem to work correctly
DBZ Super Saiya - I don't notice a difference between the first patch and this new patch, not sure what the difference is suppose to be


For me, the vanilla An American Tail ROM did not boot at all. I will check patch tester 3 when I get home to see if it gets to the Nintendo text for me.


Just want to restate that you're doing a great job sluffy! Don't be disheartened. 


Utterly agonizing for me because I can't run 100+ tests per game as I normally could with PC emus. Throwing C7 alarms wherever I want just to gauge where it's failing. Writing debug results to sram and probing for new emu glitches. I can be decently sure what the problem is after a battery of targeted tests. Some games have problems that are curious as hell but can't easily be diagnosed remotely (Eye of the Beholder).

Instead keep incorrectly reproducing symptoms in emus or flat out failing. Too much blind guesswork; don't have motivation to keep trying anymore. Won't get a Canoe simply because of life restrictions, even if donated for research.

To keep nagging for videos, screenshots, detailed reports. Reading bug reports lacks so much information that I need. Can't continue nagging like this anymore. It's a drag on me mostly. The magic yay feeling is gone.

Yeah. There are games that probably look and sound like a specific snes9x bug version (Krusty's Fun House, Speedy Gonzales, Mario's Time Machine or unsolved games with apu timing issues). Fixing Canoe sound issues is probably not going to happen unless it sounds exactly 100% same bug as emu, which Faceball 2000 surprisingly did not.

BS Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero patch is kinda neat in a way. Turns BS header into normal cartridge header. No special BS features used I guess.

I'm sure Ninty can figure out how to fix their emulator, if they ever chose to. Really doubtful there's a way to emulate Canoe on a windows. Or hacking a snes9x to simulate a Canoe machine.

American Tail sounds like multiple problems - junk irq, sound sync, ??. Not workable since I can't "feel" it without a disgusting amount of tests.

Haven't decided on continuing writeups. Not that useful for the people who could actually use them.

As a footnote, if people post several (animated) screenshots or videos or mention which emulator produces exactly same problem, maybe I'll give it a look.

Telling me "Super Famista 5" is garbled. Wicked 18 looks wrong. Or Pebble Beach Tournament is corrupt will not get a look. That's incredibly generic and don't care anymore to chase. Besides, spent time researching wrong reports / data.

If you'd like a PAL/Japan version of a patch, that's fair. And if someone is willing to try out experimental hacks/logs/debugs for a game (specifically mention which one!), I'll give it more thought also.

Canoe is too picky about which corners it cuts.

Was told Best of the Best (USA) is simple game. With a picture and description that only happens between rounds.

Kinda doubtful actually this'll work. Game reads $212c = OpenBus = $21.


Hello sluffy do not get discouraged continue this great work you are doing well no one has ever tried to correct games that work in canoe as you have done so far, I propose those who have the possibility to make a collection through a crowdfunding to donate a Snes Classic to our sluffy partner to make it easier to test their patches, we as a community can help so that this project does not die here

P. D: sorry for my bad English


Quote from: sluffy on February 28, 2018, 11:18:59 AM

Illusion of Time (Europe-France-Spain-Germany) -- menu cursor
Mystic Quest Legend (Europe-France-Spain) -- blinking line
Cacoma Knight (Japan) -- status bar

Great Work both Mystic Quest and Illusion of Time work now as intended without problems.  :thumbsup:

Thanks for your aweseome Work .


It seems like a burnout.

You've done a lot already, and honestly nobody expected that much, so even if you stop now, it will be enough. :)

That said, maybe you need some rest, and maybe to move on for some games (not all are easy, or even doable).
And sure, the fact that you cannot test the games by yourself on canoe doesn't help.

Are you sure it would be useless to prvide you a Snes Classic?

In any case, no pressure, do what feels the best for you!


If I get one, it will get trashed. Have a strict watchdog.

And understandably everyone is busy with real life. So tester patches sit. They're not exciting / wanted games for vast most. Questions I ask need time to get answered. And Canoe requests become stale because I'm unable to figure out what Canoe is doing. Without more people running tests, which isn't popular / fun activity to spend your time. Everyone starts forgetting something on both sides of this remote sport. It's a vicious circle. :)

And then I get hit-and-run requesters. Who never report anything (when it's working). :lol:

And no more Private PM requests. Unless you're seriously willing to work/test it through to the end. I actually might know what's wrong with Famista 5 - Pebble Beach - Augusta 3. But no screenshots, no coin. My counter-complaint. Sending rather disparing comments won't budge either way.

That said. Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension (Japan) was asked here. Very basic tester to see what's causing C7.

Argh! Hidden posts.

"Raiden Trad - Test patches 2 & 3 both seem to work correctly"
>> Thank you for mentioning this. What does this mean for me? Not #1 - o~k~ay.

"DBZ Super Saiya - I don't notice a difference between the first patch and this new patch, not sure what the difference is suppose to be"
>> Someone (who complains about so many things) asked for overscan disabler + text viewer together. When talking to people, if you can read the bottom line of text, you're good. 1st patch just had text viewer.

"Great Work both Mystic Quest and Illusion of Time work now as intended without problems."
>> Ah. Good. I am supporter of multi-language games.

Turns out Raiden test1 is "blank" file. D'oh!


Hi, this is a request for Robin64. If you have time when you next update your patch archive could you please include a patch to apply a PAL to NTSC fix for Super Bomberman 3 and Theme Park ? Many Thanks!


Argh! Hidden posts.
Well, you see! The romhacking moderation system is the problem here. :p

I'll gladly try the Dragon Ball Hyper Dimension tester, as it was my personal request, lol.

March 01, 2018, 10:35:36 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Assuming that a SA-1 preset ID is needed, and that the E-NTSC one of Super Mario RPG works fine, I tested your Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension tester, and black screen, followed by a C7 error after reset.
Tell me if you want me to proceed differently!


Telling game to spin forever if boots - should not C7 on boot/reset if reaches there.

Pebble Beach no Hatou New - Tournament Edition + Masters New - Harukanaru Augusta 3 (Japan) (Rev 1) + SD Gundam G Next are all SA-1 games and apparently semi-playable. Maybe you can "steal" their id? Or try padding rom out to 4MB?

Or it's the cart id:
Kart contents: ROM+RAM+SA-1 [34] vs ROM+RAM+BAT+SA-1 [35]


Could someone please tell me what we need videos for right now. I'm super busy with work lately, so keeping up with this (especially with the damn hidden post system!!) is sometimes tough.

From what I gather, we need Micro Machines 2, Faceball 2000, Nosferatu (with the boss shown), Pebble Beach Tournament, American Tail. Yes? Any others?


So I expanded the rom to 4MBwith Lunar Expand, but it didn't boot in Canoe.

I tried Pebble Beach no Hatou New - Tournament Edition, and I can confirm it boots, but have garbled graphics in-game. The preset used was by default is that of Super Mario RPG, as it is attributed by hakchi for all SA-1 games. So nothing to steal for DBZ HD.

Oh, I should precise that I use a clean (non-translated) japanese version for DBZ HD.


I'm in no hurry for any of these. Many will not get top priority even if posted. ;)

More interested in clearing patch testing queue. Have bug theories to drain.
- Best of Best -- really OpenBus causing problem?
- Super Play Action Football -- menu spot-check (dma openbus)
- Super Buster Bros. rev0 -- soft reset check; but fixed in rev1

Micro Machines 2, Faceball 2000, Blues Brothers = mp3 only. Have to hear sound bug; visual not important. Low priority. I dislike Canoe's sound handling anyhow.

Faceball 2000 = need verification about other graphical errors??

Nosferatu boss = video low priority.

Yogi Bear, American Tail = not necessary. Nothing to watch anyway.

Pebble Beach + Augusta 3 = very likely same bug, same engine. Only need picture of 1 of them. Video not needed.

World Class Rugby, Augusta 2 = need picture. Not understanding problem.

Super Famista 5 = need few screen pictures. Video not needed, since I think it's OPT again.

Top Gear has lots of bugs that needs a video. No hurry here since I might not like the reasons why it's doing.

Top Gear 2 = nothing needed. No clue.

True Golf Classics - Wicked 18 = someone asked for this. Screen picture needed.

Bubsy = likely need to see video.

Untouchables = does this C7 crash on main menu? Or demo? Description will do.

Lion King = someone says Lava Stage death has yellow line bugs. Could not reproduce on snes9x. Use BARRY cheat code to get there.

Eye of the Beholder - asking for screenshot of main menu (cursor). Want to verify its wrongly small size.

Most of rest I can already guess why it behaves. Sound engine. Like Rendering Ranger.

Think that covers.

Developing theory on Raiden Trad. Will finalize patch.

Narrows down a lot. Try me for DBZ

Clean rom + test2. If fails, add test1 on top. Afterwards ... have few other side ideas.

For Gun Hazard, please try this command line switch

Raiden Trad = test3 winner. Explain later.


Quote from: sluffy on February 28, 2018, 05:23:25 PM
Thanks for update.

American Tail -- vanilla rom also displays Nintendo text? Because if it did, first I've heard of this anywhere (including docs). And wasted time thinking it never booted anything.
Did Nintendo publish the game in some region I'm not aware of? Because that's a Hudson Soft game.
"My watch says 30 chickens" Google, 2018


DBZ HD boots with test 2!
I need to test it more thoroughly (am battling just right now), and also try it with a translation patch, but hurray!  :woot!:

March 01, 2018, 12:40:00 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Ok, I tried all the different modes, have lost, win, saw the dialogue screens, the victor screens, etc., and nothing seems glitchy. I also applied the translation patch, no problem either. So it's seems to be a complete success!


Almost floored it worked so easily. But makes sense technical side. Same patch will work on Japan and France. Woot!

Normal ROM has header:
34 = ROM+RAM+SA-1

Canoe specifically wants sram / battery flag:
(adds battery)

Raiden Trad is more specific.
- Irq: @ ~200, does not 4211 reset
- Irq: @ ~201, does not 4211 reset
- Irq: @ ~202, does not 4211 reset
- Nmi: Game uses 4200 to reset irq flag
- Irq: @ ~30, normal game stuff

- Irq: @ ~200, does not 4211 reset
==> Schedule next irq @ 30

- Nmi: Ignores 4200 reset

- Irq: @ 0. Turns off hud by accident.
==> Seems to be Canoe fail-safe to clear irq

- Irq: @ ~200, repeat.

Going to see how many games this could affect. ^^

Raiden Trad test3 = final version


All roms I use for testing are from the latest updated snes no-intro set (2017-05-29) which can be downloaded from
If I want to be 100 % sure that a US-rom is a correct no-intro rom I always download it from the vault (vimm's lair). I hope you Sluffy and everyone else here are using correct roms when testing.

Can anyone else confirm that "American Tail, An: Fievel Goes West" displays a "nintendo presents" text before going in to "black-screen-mode"? Of course I used a proper no-intro rom.

American Tail rom INFO: 
CRC32:      0xeea38aed
MD5:      0xa2aabe7064ff072de65450d50d50ba93
SHA1:      0x572254aebc4dcf3f65aa0c8f9b7cf6836bb9a294

Sluffy, you've already done more than enough, you literally came from nowhere and have gotten so many games working. May I ask how you have the knowledge doing all of this? Do you work with programming? I know nothing about what you're doing, is it many people out there that can do the stuff you're doing? I would happily pay a programmer to work with getting games to work.

I've noticed a lot of people have been sending you requests for personal benefits, only. Some games that you have been testing are very rare games that is seen by the community as "bad games" (I know this is subjective but everyone knows what I mean by saying this).

Also, sending out 3000000000000+ requests like "please sluffy fix this, blablablbalbla" makes this thread confusing for us and for you. The best would be fixing games that a vast majority of the community wants to get fixed. For an example, "Top Gear 2" is that sort of game that "everyone" wants to get fixed. I can't even  count all the threads and comments about people wondering if there any fixes for this particular game. Writing one post in this thread wanting a fix for a super rare and boring game that only the person wanting it fixed plays is just an egoistic act.

You've been doing gods work, so I would suggest taking a break? As I've said before, you've done more than enough. Nobody expected this, me and the snes community are truly grateful for what you have done.

Sending the biggest "thank you" from Sweden!!!


Robin64, couldn't you give Sluffy and us (testers) acces to a new page/folder on your excel-list?

You could make a new list that we have access to called "sluffy" where all games listed in this thread can be accessible together with sluffys patches and like a column for us "testers" where we can communicate if it works or not. This thread right now is so confusing with patches that haven't been tested many pages back, some patches even gets forgotten it seems like. I want to help test but I have no idea what patches are the latest ones, what has been tested or not etc.

And this function that mods have to verify a post is so annoying...