I'm currently translating a script dump for Otogirisou for Super Famicom

Started by ButThouMust, April 15, 2022, 06:05:29 PM

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Hi, I've been working on this on and off for a few weeks. With the help of tools from the abandoned translation effort hosted here (https://romhacking.net/abandoned), I finished a full table file for Otogirisou for Super Famicom.

It has all the mappings for kana, 1300+ kanji, the English alphabet, digits, and punctuation. Notably, I was able to use it with the translation effort's tools to obtain a readable dump of the entire script!

Less impressive than the script dump, I used the table file to make a simple hack for the name entry screen. You can insert an English name for your save files with it (uppercase replaces hiragana, lowercase replaces katakana). The main game script is unaltered, sorry. I included it in both .bps and .ips formats.

I uploaded everything plus a readme to the below Google Drive folder:

Edit April 21, 2022: Since I got a readable dump of the script, I decided to try playing the game myself and translating* as I go. When doing that, I found some errors in the table file, so I fixed them. I updated the files in the Google Drive folder.

* Disclaimer: I'm nowhere near fluent in Japanese, but I've been learning the language on my own for several months now (closing in on WaniKani level 14). I think this could be a good learning experience.

Edit June 21, 2022: Changed topic title to "I'm currently translating a script dump for Otogirisou for Super Famicom" from "I made a table file for Otogirisou for Super Famicom."


It's only been two months since the last update here, but I'm still working on this. These are the big updates I have:

  • I've finished two playthroughs of the game and translated all the text I found in both. The first playthrough definitely took longer than the second, mainly because I had to look up a bunch of vocabulary/grammar for the first playthrough but less so for the second. I think I can translate a playthough in about one or two weeks now, depending on my free time and motivation.
  • The game has "control codes" for doing stuff like visual effects, sound effects, text "effects" (e.g. print player's name, line break, print choices), etc. I was able to identify most of the codes' functions from the two playthroughs, and I made a writeup about them.
  • About two weeks ago, I found a misidentified kanji in the table file and fixed it. This was an actual misidentification, and not a copy-paste error like in my first post. I'm certain the whole table file is correct now, after running through the font dump again.
  • I made a still very incomplete document about some interesting game ROM offsets. It's mostly about data for the file select and name entry screens, but there are a few other things.
I feel like this question has an obvious answer, but I want to have a second opinion here. Would uploading and sharing my translation text file classify as distributing copyrighted material? It has all the raw Japanese text in it, plus the translation so far, translation notes, and notes about control codes ("the game fades in this background image, starts this sound effect, etc."). I didn't put it into my Drive folder, but I did upload a sample screenshot of the text for one of the two possible beginnings.


If you want to look up copyright law etc, that's the place to start. I'm not an expert on the subject, but if you're a US citizen, the Berne Convention is of interest to you. Also DMCA as well.

But for the purposes of this site, the only thing that's not allowed are distribution of ROMs etc and using this site to sell one's work or selling physical copies (literally piracy and counterfeiting). Everything else exists in a legal grey area that none of the big companies bother challenging since it'd be a waste of time and resources.