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[Nes] Meng Huan (by Henggedianz) - Translation

Started by andchaos, January 28, 2022, 08:17:14 AM

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The Original game Tittle is Chu Liu Xiang (by Waixing), the game was re-released under the name Meng Huan (by Henggedianz) because of a dispute of the rights to the name.

For the good start i managed to destroy the title screen



I didn't find any text in the game code, it seems that all the text is generated by individual pictures, seems problematic to fit full words into one symbol picture. I will try to use a much smaller alphanumeric characters or just pixel the symbols.

Seems to work fine on the status screen:



(last update 10.03.2022)
Actual translation progress:

-Translated Title screen (1/1) 100%
-Translated Intro screen (3/3) 100 %
-Translated Outro (0/??) 0%
-Translated Status Screen (9/9) 100%
-Translated menu (4/4) 100%
-Translated Battle menu (4/4) 100%
-Translated Battle skills (5/5) 100%
-Translated Inventory (2/2) 100%
-Translated game script (16/??) ?%
-Translated Key-Items (3/??) ?%
-Translated the wares in equipment store (10/10) 100%
-Translated the wares in item store (8/8) 100%
- Added the potion Icon to useable items for menu to be more instinctive (not added to PCT. Mind Pill because of shared graphics file with PCT. KNIFE)