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Gameboy Emulator with Trace Logging

Started by RedComet, January 30, 2018, 09:15:44 PM

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Is anyone aware of a Gameboy emulator that supports trace logging ala bsnes and works on Linux (natively or via Wine)? I've been using bgb and it's missing this feature. None of the other Gameboy emulators I've looked at have this feature either.
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MAME should be able to do that if you figure out how to use it. :D
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I love me some BGB and it would be the perfect GB hacking emulator if it had trace logging, but my current setup is BGB for all the debug stuff and Bizhawk for the trace logging when I need it.


I've been using a mod I wrote of GEST long ago.
It's shitty and has some inaccuracies in the output but it's what I've had to use to get the job done.

I don't think I can even re-compile fixes anymore due to using Dev-C++ which seems to have stopped working at least as of Win7-64, and while I found a fixed version of the compiler that works on Win8, I had some other issue stopping it. I forget, incompatible Microsoft API/DirectX crap between the old code and new compiler?
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Thanks for the suggestions. While doing some more digging, I came across the special tracer build of Visualboy Advance that g8z_et_al did. This does what I need. I'm not sure why I didn't think to look at Gameboy Advance emulators.  :beer:
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