Font Based Character Recognizer for Japanese games - Looking for feedback!

Started by baka-neko, January 06, 2018, 01:08:06 PM

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Quote from: elpan on January 22, 2018, 06:06:50 PMIf possible would be great to be able to load multiple profiles at the same time. or better yet a way to define multiple text zones in the same profile for different areas that text appears.

The current solution is to make multiple profiles for the same game for different parts of the screen, and switch profiles when needed using the icon in the notification area.

I will probably introduce shortcuts for fast switching.

Quote from: elpan on January 22, 2018, 06:06:50 PMAlso the speed to parse can seem slow sometimes.

This is due to the nature of the detection. Though it is possible to speed it up by reducing the size of the text zone, or reducing the characters count in the font.

For instance, the Surging Aura profile is super fast due to having only around 100 characters. And the low resolution of the text zone.


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Quote from: Squall_FF8 on January 23, 2018, 11:38:54 AMHey baka-neko, what is your connection with 'Light Fairytale'?

It's one of my work-in-progress games.


Whoah ...  Today I stumbled upon a video of the game on Steam and immediately added it in my 'wishlist'! While watching a familiar name just popped up, so I had to ask :laugh:

Do you know more precisely when the release date will be? Also do you have video of a battle when other then 'Attack' is used?

I have to admit I love the graphics, the music, the settings! Its pretty much what contemporary FF should look like. Unfortunately after FF10, all is crap. I had high hopes for "I'm Setsuna" to be the long anticipated real FF11, but other then the graphics (which is fantastic) didn't do - music is just one instrument (piano), the battles lack the depths that FF titles had ...

Anyway I wish you good luck with finishing the game!
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Thanks for the support!

The release was planned for the end of March, but the development is taking a bit more time than expected, so it will probably go beyond that unfortunately.

My current priority is to implement all the locations and events, as this is the most difficult part of the development. The battle system is currently quite basic, but I will re-start working on it soon, along with other gameplay mechanics such as the mini-games.

I did purchase Setsuna on Steam but hadn't the time (nor the motivation) to play it. I played a few hours of Worlds of Final Fantasy on PS4, and think that it looked gorgeous, but the story wasn't that great, and the chibi characters were ... well, too chibi :D
Though the non-chibi characters looked beautiful, and the battle system is not bad. I wish they made a remake of FF6 (or even FF7 :laugh:) like this!


Hey, this looks like it would be excellent for helping to translate PC-98 games, which I'm quite interested in doing, as well as PC-88 games perhaps. But I don't understand the instructions on how to get the PC-98 font: the instructions in Japanese seem to suggest you need to run a program on a real PC-98.

Also, I don't really understand the instructions on your site either. :D I've downloaded the program plus Translation Aggregator, but I can't understand what to do next. It seems like I need to provide lots of details in a profile for each game such as font names and such. There isn't much explanation on how to do this.

I'd love to use this to translate games that use clear fonts like PC-98 games, but I'm afraid I'll need more info on how to even get started with it. :)


@Psyklax: Sorry for the lack of documentation :P

I think the faster way to get started would be to check the sample profiles included with the download, and try at least one game from the list. Then check the profile with a text editor to see how it works.

Also, I've added a small section in the official website on how to adjust the sample profiles if they don't work on your setup:


This would be great for DS games, since half of them use the same font.


I was messing around with this with the PC98 font, and I think there might be an error with how it handles widening the fonts compared to the hardware. It seems to work just fine with kana, but when it comes to kanji, it doesn't seem to want to recognize anything. I took a closer look and I think I'm starting to see why.

Here is an example from Legend of Heroes 3:

and here is the output for the kanji 大 from fb.exe with text_xmax set to 1:

If you look at the Legend of Heroes 3 image, you'll see that there's a bit more open space up in the center of the kanji.  In fact, I've noticed that in any case where widening the font makes it overlap with another pixel, there is a blank pixel on the system, rather than a filled one. 

Same thing with the kanji 祝:

It might be easier to see with this one. You can see in the LoH3 shot how the top right of the 礻has a clear pixel as it touches the 兄, but in the generated character image, it's all squashed together.

The result is that the program can't find the characters since they don't match. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do about this, or if I even correctly identified the issue, but I thought I'd mention it either way. And yes, I did generate the TTF font myself from the same system that this screenshot is taken from.



The included PC98 font only support regular characters - not bold. Though some games such as the Words Worth Special Disk uses the regular font widened horizontally by 1 pixel, which you can build using FB.exe.

Unfortunately it seems that there is a proper bold font for the NEC PC98 that exist and that some games uses, and I wasn't able to find a way to rip it, as it is not possible to generate using the TTF font - even trying to write with it in bold.


Hmm, that's interesting. As I mentioned, the kana match perfectly when generated with text_xmax set to 1 in the font profile. Ah well, that's too bad.

After using makefont32 to generate a new font.rom from MS Gothic, I'm convinced that the bold font here must be generated on the fly somehow, because the outputted font.bmp does not contain any bold characters, and making a new font.rom changes the in-game font to MS Gothic but bold, but with the same characteristics of the clear pixels that I outlined above.