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[Japanese Translator] Valkyria Chronicles 3

Started by [Unknown], December 28, 2017, 07:53:13 PM

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Looking for translation help from Japanese to English.

Another group previously translated this game, but went through multiple languages and didn't really match other games in the series well.  It also skipped some things and used a complicated patching process.

I know some Japanese but not enough to translate the main story.  All the text of the story is available, tagged with who's speaking and notes as necessary (i.e. if something is only said under certain conditions.)

Editing can be taken care of by myself and others I'm working with.

Current patch (menus, 8% of text overall):




I was just playing VC3 over the holiday and thinking it would be cool if someone created a more complete translation patch for the game. The screenshots you have look very impressive so far and I hope you are able to find the help you need for the project. Also it might be a good idea to post about your project in the "Personal Projects" section of the forum, it might get more attention that way.


If you're still looking, I'd love to throw my hat into the ring and learn about the project!


We're still looking - sent you a PM.



Some captures of the VC3 in Spanish.
My translation is frozen because I have two other projects that are now priorities.
I still need to retranslate much of the MTPA and complete the translation of some MXE and solve a problem with the translation of the Allied Phase and Enemy Phase graph, I can't find where the MXE is in the animation data. It's the only MXE that has resisted. And correct the whole text.


Are you still looking for more help on this?