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SNES PPU Tutorial

Started by Squall_FF8, December 20, 2017, 08:21:12 AM

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Hey guys,

I don't know about you but when I tried to understand how SNES PPU works I had rough time. The main reason for that was not the lack of resources on the net, rather most of the documents were good for references, rather a step by step explanation. When a good friend of mine asked for help for SNES PPU, I tried to convert all that I have learned and be the guide that I never had and communicate to him small chew-able chunks of info, so he can grasp the main concepts and then build on that with the documents on the net in order to build his mod.

In the process this tutorial emerged. I got all fragments that we have been trough and tried to compile a single document. Before I prepare the final version, I need your help, your input. Please,
- take time and read it. Write as comment your first impression. Don't hold it, spit up all :D
- if you find something that is not correct, please quote it and if possible what should be the right sentence
- if you find words that I used not explained in the documents,
- if you find spelling or grammatical errors,
- if you have any suggestions,
Please tell me so, we can make a good, useful, easy to read, easy to understand tutorial together!!!

LINK: Tutorial, v 1.0

To Do:
- Add Creidts
- Add Table of Content
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Hey, folks! I'm the friend Squall was talking about.
I've already read the stuff, because he was originally writing it to help me out, but I just wanted to sound off here in support of his effort.

I've got a pretty good grasp of SNES ASM, but there's always been a ceiling on my capabilities due to lack of knowledge of how the PPU works. Squall took the time for me to put this tutorial together and it's been a big help. So if you are someone, or you know someone, like me, check his tutorial out. Having this info readily available and easily accessible can open up some really heavy doors for potential romhacks previously hampered by the elusiveness of this information.
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