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Author Topic: Megaman 2 shots physics  (Read 1017 times)


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Megaman 2 shots physics
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:55:42 am »
So I started a MM2 hack, where you play as Bass, with his abilities.
I edited the graphics, the intro text, but now I'm having trouble with the directionnal shots (I found a rom hack of MM2 with that, but you could move while shooting, and the pellets came from the tip of the buster, not the middle of the hitbox like the Metal blade, which is problematic for aiming)
So I would like some help about how the metal blade and the buster works in hex, so I can assemble something that would be a auto shootable buster, aimable in the same manner as the metal blade, with the same sprites and damage outputs as the regular buster.