I want edit .gim for PSP's image file. please help me.

Started by dgmkr, December 11, 2017, 02:21:18 AM

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Do the DigimonAdventure (psp) Hacking now.
I want just edit the logo title image.

it is made by gim.
I dont know that how can i edit by photoshop.
gim to png is perfectly by gimconv (8bit). but its INDEX file, so i cant edit.

anyone know how to edit this file?

hear is the sample file.
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indexed means that the image has a palette defining it's colors  (128 colors in this case)

i went ahead and converted it to direct color for you, you should be able to edit it fine with photoshop now.

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thanks for your reply!

I will edit it soon.

Is it possible to convert to gim again?
I mean, I want to reinsert in the ISO file.
For that, I want a file of the same format as the original.
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im sorry that i have another question.

this code is original 0746.gim's palette code
I think it is only 64 color. because it have 8 line

but why png file have 128 color?

wait for your reply
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because i made it 64 colors to match the size of the original gim you gavr for me just in case you need it to be.
the original gim you gave me is using bgr565 palette mode which gimconv cant do,
so the output at 128 colors is slightly larger than the original file

if it doesnt matter, it can be made any number of colors, a gim is a gim. the game wont know the difference.

here's a 256 color version and 128 color version.

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Thank you very much,mugi god :angel:.
And I'm sorry that I didt mean to let you work. :'(
I writed reply that first gim of you first gave me is perfectly work very well.but reply was deleted by moderactor.

I just want you to tell me how to repack gim.
Because there are many files to edit from now on.

I can not ask for your help forever.it will only take away your time.

Can you help me please?

I can use gimconv,photoshop,pngout or any software with windows.
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well there's many ways to deal with such images.

personally what i do is i use gimconv to convert the gim into a png.
the png's are indexed as you said, and photoshop and paintshop pro (which i use) have issues with the alpha channels with indexed images,
so i use imagestudio to convert them to direct color. Then just edit them on paint shop pro, and use imagestudio to reduce them back to indexed colors, and then gimconv to convert them back to gim.

since imagestudio is not freely available and it's quite expensive at that, it's not really a preferred choice of most people.
i dont have a need for alternatives since i own a licence for it, but im sure someone else around the forum has a way to deal with indexed <-> direct color image conversions.

you can just make your direct color png's into direct color gim files using gimconv (it wont let you make an indexed color gim out of a direct color png) but games dont really like that much, most cases where i have attempted this, the direct color images cause severe slowdowns on the games. They are also considerably larger than indexed color images. Aside that they do work.
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You might try Gimp for a free editor that can convert between paletted (aka indexed) and direct-color.

I mainly use an old version of Paintshop and the transparency (aka alpha) for images like PNGs is set under 'Image > Palette > Set Palette Transparency". They may have changed something in newer editions.


Quote from: weissvulf on December 15, 2017, 08:24:29 PM
You might try Gimp for a free editor that can convert between paletted (aka indexed) and direct-color.

I mainly use an old version of Paintshop and the transparency (aka alpha) for images like PNGs is set under 'Image > Palette > Set Palette Transparency". They may have changed something in newer editions.

i dont know, i use 5.03 from 1999 for my graphics work (just.... dont ask) and it simply cant deal with indexed png's at all. they open fine and you can mess with them and whatnot, but it simply disregards the alpha completely and treats it as not being there.
you can "view paletter transparency" from the colors menu, but even so it will only show one transparent value for the image, as opposed to each color having their own (alpha) which messes them up, not to mention that you cant load the image off maintaining it anyway.

i know atleast some versions of photoshop suffer from the same fate, though truth to be told it's been quite a forever since i abandoned that software.

either way, i remember i once had a software which was meant for optimizing png's and what it did was exactly that, it took a normal direct color png and cruntched it into an indexed one in an attempt to optimize it's filesize.... i forgot what it was called though.
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I see. It seems not many editors support the 8bit PNGs with a separate alpha for each palette entry. I just tried GIMP and it discards alpha for 8bit PNGs, but I do remember a mention of a PNG plugin for GIMP that better supported PNG options. I'm surprised gimconv doesn't export directly to 32bit PNG since so few editors support 8bit+alpha.

@ dgmkr, if you're still looking for a free converter 'tool chain', you might try pixlr online editor (HERE) to convert the 'indexed' PNG to a 32bit PNG. Most photo editors should edit the 32bit PNG (retaining alpha). Then use PNGoo (HERE) to convert back to 8bit (indexed) PNG+alpha.


i believe gimconv can actually import to 32bit png's but in his case it's not really the issue,
the problem is that gimconv requires an indexed png to make an indexed gim, othervise the output will be direct color and as i mentioned earlier,
while those usually do work on games, they are much larger and due to the shitty nature of th egim library all psp games ever use, they're
particularly prone to slowdowns.

for example, girlfriend of steel which which i released a translation patch for, i made quite a pile of graphics work, and this game
literally consists of nothing but 256color gims. You can spam the screen with as many of them as you want and it's fine, but the moment you
put one direct color gim in it, you get instant 5 fps :P
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Thanks to mugi, it works very well.

@weissvulf, Thank you for caring me. There is no problem with the previous case anymore.

And another question.

It uses a transparent color for the background.
and It also uses about 50% transparent colors.
Do you know about this?
I mean, how to edit this.

hear is sample gim and 8bit png.
http://dgmkrtrans.tistory.com/attachment/[email protected]
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i dont see anything different on this one really?

it uses transparency to make a see-through effect.
the first image does the same too, with the antialiased borders of the logo to make them look smoother,
the difference here is that it's applied to the whole image instead.

see the picture showing the alpha (transparency) mask for both images;
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What you do not understand is that I am not good at English.

This is sample image that 530% zoom with photoshop.

and i cant find alpha mask channel.
This picture was transformed(8bit->32bit) from the site that weissvulf gave me.
In this picture,It looks like the green and the transparent color are merged around the letters.
I dont know how to edit like this.

I am sorry if I am wrong.
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there is no alpha mask channel. because the original image was indexed, the alpha channel has effectively been destroyed.
(more like, it has been merged. it is now a part of the RGB channels)

if you wish to edit whatever on it, you will just have to delete what you dont want, and redraw it.

only way to mess with the alpha on the image is to take it back to its indexed form and change the palette alpha velue entries by hand.
ofcourse, as stated earlier already, this requires specialized software, since photoshop and paintshop pro etc. cant really handle it that well,
which is undestandable since indexed png's are not really common at all in everyday usage.

imagestudio can tamper with the palette alpha (see pic), but even so, you would have either restrict your edits to the existing palette, or create new palette entries for new color/alpha combinations you wish to use. It's really easier to just redraw the whole thing.

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I want edit image with alpha+rgb.

Then... if i use imagestudio, can i edit it?

How to convert the 8bit png to rgb+alpha that editable?

I think one of the reasons is that the version of using Photoshop. It is 7.0

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I understand what you said.
Your mean, my png's Alpha chn is broken(merge with RGB chn), so i have to use the right convert tool to original PNG. right?

I've installed Image Studio Lite.
it's.... so hard..  :(

I will keep trying. thx :D
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