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Biohazard NES?

Started by Teeporage777, October 25, 2017, 05:15:43 PM

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A while back i downloaded a hack that i played very little of. It was a demake of the classic playstation one game, resident evil. Does anyone know if it was ever complete or if it could be finished or given a makeover? Any info would help. It would e cool to have it in English, fully finished. all i really know is it was made by waixing educational technology.
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It's not a hack, it's an original game, albeit based on a PS1 game.

I've recently been cataloguing Waixing's games, and this is as well-programmed as any of them. :D In fact, it's very easy to get the game to crash as soon as Jill starts running to the next room. You can get beyond that, if you're lucky. If I ever get round to translating one of Waixing's games, I'd probably start with this because it's such an oddity.


thanks for the info!! it would be really awesome if you did.
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The wiki says there are two roms floating around.  One that freezes and one that is incompatible with most emulators.  It would be difficult but with enough GBC resources and fixing up it could probably be a decent or 'fair for what it is' NES game if it is given enough love and attention


Check in acmlm "BioHazard Crash Fix", the patch was erased here in, no idea


i remember playing it with no problems but i doubt i played it for too long i dont think it was in english but it was a while back.
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