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Playing Tengai Makyou Zero on ZSNES???

Started by RomanWarrior, December 29, 2017, 09:21:17 PM

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im poor and have a nearly ten year old crap laptop with 64megs vram if im lucky 128 not even relevant. I cant play ps2 , I barely run 3do on it. That being said snes9x my fave emulator runs with scuffed audio no matter how much I downgrade the graphics. ZSNES will play with everything audio video on max

My friend messaged me the Modded SNES9x emulator that runs TMZ and it plays and workds perfect except MY COMPUTER IS TRASHHHH

In the readme I read a patched ZSNES works. Any links to the zsnes that runs Tengai Makyou ZerO Please? I LOOOVED Oriental Blue since it was my first time I could play a Far East of Eden game. I've been in awe of the series since I got it in a bundle of CDs for the TurboDuo , I got Ziria and part 2 and even though I know no Japanese I felt the magic and quality coming from the game

Captain Tsubasa 3 , 4th most downloaded Spanish translation.  Possibly the first Jap to Spanish translation instead of English to Spanish. There is no English version yet


I believe the special way that ZSNES gets the Japanese graphics to run isn't compatible with the English version of the graphics. I'm glad you enjoyed Oriental Blue. Oriental Blue is a Tengai series game, but not really a "Far East of Eden" game, since it was not set in Jipang.

I hope to work on Ziria in the future, once I'm through with Zill O'll.


Even though ZSNES has not been officially updated in over 10 years, I thought that emulation of the SPC7110 had been done prior to its discontinuation. (with the original "graphics packs" workaround left in as an optional emulation enhancement, due to having a side effect of faster load times. Well, maybe that was more true for the SDD-1 games.)
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