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Author Topic: [NES] Megaman 5 - Anyone have any idea how a stage determines what boss to run?  (Read 1257 times)


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I've been playing around with Megaman V a bit lately, but I'm stumped on this for the moment. Stages have their standard LevelData, and this includes the boss' EnemyID, which maps to the appropriate ObjectID, etc. You can swap this out for another boss, but it seems that a routine that runs quickly resets the boss data. It looks like this might have to do with ObjectID B6, which seems to tell the game how to set up the boss.

Amusingly, if you replace a boss with a normal enemy, the routine actually doesn't run at all, but this isn't too helpful.

Anyone have any idea on how this works, or any tips on how to figure it out? I've been using the FCEUX debugger, but I haven't had much luck pinning this down yet.
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Hi, sorry for the delay, hadn't checked the site in some time.

Try setting a breakpoint to the object ID at the moment it turns from B6 to the actual boss object ID.
I assume there is a table that's like stage number / boss object ID

I can try to have a look at it if you haven't figured it out since you posted this