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Need to patch a full directory

Started by apraxiumRum, December 02, 2017, 02:50:12 AM

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With the game translation project I am working on Link is now on solid footing, I think I must tackle the matter of exporting it.
I do know of making patch files using something like WindHex, but what I am thinking of is a way to make a patch that changes all the game files for the directory to their modified state in one setting, not something like an .ips file for one .exe file.
Do you know of any utility here that can achieve that? The files I am patching through the directory are all encoded in dat format and one .exe file.


Two main approaches people use, assuming you don't want a standalone executable patcher (seen before on filesystem based devices).

1) Stick everything in an uncompressed archive file (tar or something) and generate a single patch from that. Better for smaller files but works as big as your patching format gets.
2) Batch file/shell script and a conventional patching program that operates via the command line. If you are preferring to have fewer files you could stick a decompression tool, extract an archive of patches and delete the patches afterwards.


There are a few PC patch makers designed for developers updating their products. I've used the ClickTeam Patch Maker before. If I remember correctly, the free version is fully functional, but includes a 'splash screen' logo. It was quite efficient (size) and user friendly.