What emus should I use for testing NES Hacks (MMC1/3/5, UNROM)?

Started by essellejaye, November 30, 2017, 03:29:06 PM

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I've been using FCEUX for development, and I'm looking to use Nintendulator for testing.
Those seem to be among the most popular, but are there any other emus I should be testing against?


Nestopia UE should set you up for real hardware more than the others, but I don't know how the others compare in accuracy nowadays with updates and the like.


I use Bizhawk and Nestopia via Retroarch. Of course an Everdrive with a real NES is the best way to test, if you can spare the cash.

Dracula X

I use:
2. Mesen - This one acts like the real system. I also use this for music hacking as well since cdl doesn't work on NSF files on FCEUX anymore on version 2.2.3. Another nice thing about it is while using the cdl, you can see what the colors is doing in hex viewer in real time. In CHR Viewer, you can pick on a tile and draw like in Nesticle.

Note: The only way that I can tell if the emulator acts like the real system by playing "The Guardian Legend" by typing in this glitch password:

6666 6666 6666 6666
hhhh hhhh hhhh hhhh

And it starts on "Area 2" out of the map. Sometimes "Area 1" and on most emulators, it starts on "Area 0" and sometimes "Area 1". That's the only way that I can tell.
Back to Thunder Force II hacking again.


Mesen has accurately reproduced everything that I tested compared to other emulators and everdrive n8 on real hardware. Other emulators failed, mesen suceeded. Even nestopia failed at times. When I don't want to get out of my chair to test on everdrive, I'm confident mesen acts like the real thing. Even when developing a game from scratch it reproduced my noobish bugs perfectly.


Wow, thanks for the suggestions, folks ... I guess we've come a long way from Nesticle!


I must say that after using fceuxd for literally everything it was hard for me to try anything else. But i just downloaded Mesen and i am quite impressed.
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