How do you change Mario's position when he exits the pipe? (on map of SMB3-NES)

Started by Dario-, February 13, 2021, 06:32:28 PM

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Hi everyone :woot!:, I'm new, I speak Italian so if someone can speak in this language it is better for me because I translate, I'm not good at the language but I hope to make myself understood.
I am creating an SMB3 rom hack and the only thing I don't understand I would like someone here to explain it to me if they know.
I have seen many interesting topics and concerning this practice so I only hope in someone good among you.
I use Fondry for editing, and Map editor.
The theme concerns the tube levels and their relative positions on the map once they are released.
If I use the map editor I noticed that by setting the entry and exit of the tube levels for example in the second world, and doing the same in the third world with two other tubes, the tubes of the second world get damaged, they change in the exit and entry positions as in the 'last modification made in the third world, so both worlds will have only one entrance and one exit, also because it is not possible to make multiple settings of an entry and exit with the map editor, so for example it would be impossible to create a world full of pipes like the original seventh world, or something like the eighth that changes screens, of the same map using the tubes for movement in the respective different zones.
Usamdo Fondry did not notice that using the enemy object function to exit the map, if I position vertically in the map the position changes but it seems to be random the change in the map, if always in the tube level I move this enemy object horizontally nothing ever changes .
Now it seems logical that it is impossible by these means to complete my work unless someone helps me solve the problem in the code.
I would like to point out that I am not a programmer, so you will have to specify everything precisely also due to the fact that I am Italian and therefore things can seem difficult to understand a little even for the language, so I recommend to be very precise and speak a lot to understand more easily. I know the method of changing words in internal games, and where you change words, for example of the princess at the end of the game when Mario frees her, for me that is the code, I mean the source code, I am not very practical, I am I used youtube and a method of copying actions to do it, the last time I did so and I succeeded, so I need a good help and if you can, clarify what certain things are called in technical language, my mind is open to learning, just waiting for an answer, thanks for your interest.  :)

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I wonder when someone will answer me, I need help, I am stopped, before I was working on the pc, on my rom hack, and that it would be the second only because in the first of these problems I have not had any since the game ends with only one world and without needing pipes, but now this is extending since I plan to extend it for all eight levels I need it, if not for a point of view of choice of position objects certainly of necessity for a correct functioning, otherwise I will have my hands tied, and I don't like that, it wouldn't be in my plans to do something different.

(As soon as I finish the latter I will publish them both here, obviously in patch format)