Change BG CHR Bank in Megaman 3 improvement

Started by JRIVA, November 25, 2017, 03:22:43 PM

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Hi Friends!

Does anyone know how to change the BG CHR Bank as we move through a stage?

I'm trying with fceux


kuja killer

It depends on what level it is. By default there wasnt anything in mm3 that switched the background graphics except the 2 gemini levels.

So if it's "not" for those, then it'll have to be custom made.
No problem
Some levels have specific events for them.

** Magnet/Wily 1 has the yoku blocks
** snake has level event stuff for the Big Snake enemy/mini boss
** Doc needle has some setup stuff to make the Giant Metool battle scroll him up and down (giant graphics)

etc etc...we can stick in changing graphics in any levels like those examples with their events, anywhere/anytime.

What level(s) are you planning to do it??


I want to squeeze the Megaman 3 Improvement to the fullest
To do this, I intend to change the BG CHR once or twice per level.
Although I had planned to do it all  :laugh:, I was very interested in the fortress (where BG CHR by default is for the boss)

Kuja: I send you a private message for other matters to your email. I hope you are well :thumbsup:

kuja killer
Save this in a text file like "BG CHR.asm" ..or "jriva BG Bank.asm" or something like that. I do not know how to use this with mm3 improvement exactly. :(
I used Odyssey to write this ASM file originally, cause i dont have any ASM files or setups for regular megaman 3/etc.

This can be expanded anytime, as many levels as you many times as you want, i only did just a couple examples for now.

Here's hex version though...only compatible with mm3 improvement and if your hack is using mm3 improvement as a base

7CB38: 201B89


12920-12922: Level ID numbers, i did 00 (needle), 08 (doc needle), and 0C (wily 1) for placeholder

12923-1292A: CHR Bank Page numbers, in pairs of 2 bytes each. First is tile 00-7F, 2nd is tile 80-FF
First 2 pairs is Doc Needle, Second 2 pairs is Wily 1, so far

For screen numbers, set to FF if you want to disable these placeholder spots
12953 + 12957: Screen numbers to change graphics - Doc needle

12968 + 1296C: Screen numbers to change graphics - Wily 1


Thanks Kuja!
Is not easy  :'(
I will study everything this carefully :thumbsup:

kuja killer

yea it came out a little too long for my tastes even. sorry about that. :( it's only cause of supporting multiple levels, and letting ya change graphics more than 1 time, at any given momment in a level.

I tried to put "almost all" the important stuff only at the very top (beginning)