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Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch

Started by Chronosplit, November 22, 2017, 10:15:32 AM

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Save files keep the storyline counter value, and load the appropriate chapter title based on that. Changing the text won't be an issue.
Mauron wuz here.


Quote from: Mauron on January 20, 2018, 02:53:52 PM
Save files keep the storyline counter value, and load the appropriate chapter title based on that. Changing the text won't be an issue.
Alright then, I guess I'll be taking a small look at chapter names in 3.0.


EDIT: Alright, here's what I'm looking at so far.  You're right in that it's actually hard to deal with some of these due to space constraints, so I'm going to keep most of it.

The Queen is Gone>The Princess is Gone (Should be Princess, Vanishing is too big.)
We're Back>I'm Back OR Homecoming (They're both closer to the mark.)
Unnatural Selection?>Law of Earth! (I guess this means we're going the capitalization route.)
The Final Battle>End of Earth's Dream (Cross actually references "At the End of the Planet's Dream" in it's final chapter, however it's also very hard to squeeze this in.  I don't really think Dream's End is fitting.)

Also, looking at Kiyo's list made me realized that I had missed a couple of weapon name corrections.  So that's going to be done too (Sidenote: I don't remember changing Sonic and Comet Arrows to bows, tending to that too).

AlloyBlade>VajraBlade (Not going in liberties, because it jives well with Woolsey's katana names.)
Shiva Blad>Shiva Edge (This happened at some point on accident.  Whoops.)
Sage Bow>Saint Bow (I get the Shaman idea with Prehistoric times, but Saints can exist then too.)
Comet Bow>CometArrow (When did I do this?)
Sonic Bow>SonicArrow (I really don't remember doing this.)
DoomScythe>DoomSickle (After some thought I kinda feel like this should be reverted back.  Magus doesn't get much variety in weapons at all.)

May or may not also change Flash/Glow to Shine later on.  I kinda like Kiyo's idea of single-wording those.

Star Sword>Lord Sword OR King Sword (Or something similar.  I kinda feel like Star isn't quite hitting it.  Nothing else relating to it fits, but either of these ties together both the Sky King thing and Imperial.)

We aren't there yet with updating to the Mega yet, I need to deal with the capitalization first.

January 21, 2018, 06:44:32 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Okay, Mega and the OP are updated.  Thanks to the sudden discovery of item name changes, I may or may not just scuttle this out soon after some more work.

January 21, 2018, 08:33:26 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I've gone forward and submitted.  As far as I know, this should be the last major script editing pre-FMVs.  So if you have anything to report with this version you should bring it up.  I would love to have it so everything is as clean as possible before big things happen.


'True Sword' in place of Lord / King Sword?


Quote from: Digitsie on January 23, 2018, 08:51:20 PM
'True Sword' in place of Lord / King Sword?
Doesn't quite work either.  Funny you should bring this up though...

I've actually found a better name by now after I addressed a report, and I lumped it in with a missing "a" that was found ("I have birthplace?"  Why I didn't find that before is beyond me).  I decided to basically do a Woolsey themed riff on the cosmic/sky angle and go with AkasaSword, to make it match up with his names for the later weapons and keep things in theme with Zeal.  That means it goes in everywhere like VajraBlade.  Meaning-wise it still holds somewhat to the theme of Woolsey's original, I tried.

Since I'm doing this, I may or may not add the Silver and Platinum things in non-liberties if I need to do a 3b.  Does anyone actually prefer Lode?


Definitely don't like Lode. Don't really like AkasaSword.

I'd Rather AkashaEdge...
or Akasha Asi...
or AkashaVaal...
or AkashaKris (though this is a traditionally an Indonesian weapon)


Point made, these do sound better.  I'll look into all of these later.

EDIT: Hmm... Akasha is more correct for the term, yes.  Asi is a no because of the dagger or knife term used for today (though keeping the space in the name would be nice), but Edge works.

So for that:
Lode Sword>SilverEdge
Star Sword>AkashaEdge
Lode Bow>Silver Bow
Lode Vest>PlatinVest
Lode Helm>PlatinHelm

Also Kajar shopkeep editing.

It's in the Mega.  If I'm lucky, I can beat that over to RHDN before 3a.

Kiyoshi Aman

For what it's worth, since we do have icons and since there aren't duplicates that would get in the way, it's probably better to just drop Helm and Vest from the item name entirely. If you want to do this for Chrono's Imperial Sword too, that would probably be fine since his katanas use a different icon from Frog's broadswords.


Agreed. That is why the icons were first put into use in the localization of FF in the first place.


But if you were to pick them up out of a chest, it'd just say "Found Platinum!" Which isn't good game design, necessarily.
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Nice idea, but Vivify is right.  This game was made with seeing the whole name in mind most of the time, to the point that some messages look weird otherwise.  The Trading Hut especially.  I can't do much to address this without it looking silly.

Besides, items like DoomFinger and Iron Blade wouldn't be really fixed by this setup.


Hi, would you happen to still have the previous patch version and can you make it available? As you may be aware, the newest version is no longer compatible with the SNES Classic stock emulator.

Kiyoshi Aman

Wasn't proposing it as a general solution, just for Platinum Vest/Helm and the Imperial. For that matter, you can probably have the 'Found' text use a different list that has the full names.


The main problem is that there are two Platinums in the same store page in Kajar, which isn't cool looking at all.  There is no way around that.


Doesn't the game already use icons?

Of course the original was meant to show the whole name.
Japanese is a more compact language than English and has very rare instances of having to shorten a name.
Trying to fit English names into the limited space is just the nature of the translation and localization process.

As for Kiyoshi's suggestion of a second list of names for that chests, that seems like a fairly simple solution provided there is enough space to add a second table.

Kajar shouldn't be a problem. The two Platinum items are a helm and a vest. They have different icons.
This situation happens a lot in Final Fantasy 4 on SNES and I've never heard about anyone getting confused by two items with the same name and different icons. In fact the early translations of most RPGs had to do this and it was never a problem.

@Death F. is ok by me. It's better than @DoomFinger.

Rodimus Primal

I always liked the name next to what it is personally, and think DoomFinger has a cool ring to it myself. Personally I think the best thing to do it come up with a compromise where possible between the SNES and DS versions. TBH, I haven't kept up with this since I've been focused on my FF6 update.


The shops and other menus display the icon, but the "Got 1 {item}!" dialogue, or any other dialogue boxes will skip the icon, because that font doesn't have an icon set. If you want to use a separate list for those dialogues, make these changes: 0x025BB9: Low two bytes of the second item set. 0x025BC2: High byte of the second item set. 0x025BAB: Length of item names. 0x025BBB: Set to 0xEA to disable skipping the first byte. 0x025D2E: Length - 1 of item names. Should be length if you disable skipping the first byte.

You will need a full second list of item names for this change.
Mauron wuz here.


First of all, yeah I'm in agreement with Rodimus on this issue (for the most part, which come to think of it means I should be changing Rock armor to Stone due to name canon in Cross).  However...

I'm making no promises, but my best plan is to make two more patches later on based on Liberties (because this work quite frankly wouldn't make a lick of sense with Woolsey's katanas).  Mauron is absolutely right in that the icons don't even show, meaning there's no way around this.  This may or may not show it's face until after FMVs, it depends on how this stuff comes along.  From the sound of it this won't break Temporal Flux at least (though I'd wager the second list won't be editable in TF).

First thing's first though, I'll need to look through for things that'll benefit from this.

January 27, 2018, 10:19:07 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Stuff that I can see that would benefit from such a table.  While not tiny it's not big either, and not all of these can be found in chests:
-Luminous, Titanium, and Platinum things.
-R'bow Helm
-Most of Magus's Scythes

I may look at doing an "Extended Liberties" branch for now, with the Imperial, Platinum, and a couple others.  I'm totally unsure about a second item table for various reasons.  At the same time, I'm going to hammer away at getting things set in stone (pun not intended) with what's left of items.  The only things I really have left at this point are Shine items, Stone Helm (another one of the very few equipment items from Cross), and shifting the colored Rocks to Gems (I kinda forgot about that detail until I looked at Stone Helm).

Kiyoshi Aman

The Stone Helm actually isn't a crossover; Cross's localization team just decided to rebadge the Denadoro items as Stone items. ¬.¬


Quote from: Kiyoshi Aman on January 28, 2018, 10:44:09 AM
The Stone Helm actually isn't a crossover; Cross's localization team just decided to rebadge the Denadoro items as Stone items. ¬.¬
I get your point, duly noted.  Still, all translations seem to agree with Stone anyway.


If this was a translation patch, I would say to use the proper names for those, but as is it doesn't really fall into the scope of this patch.