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Author Topic: [Technical][PS1]Ace Combat 3 - Coder for ULZ compression (SOLVED)  (Read 1864 times)


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The programmers for this project seem to have left and after more than a year of wait, I'm looking for new help. Project topic:

This fan-translation is almost 100% finished with an almost-complete patch package already released last year, we just need a coder who can finish the decompression that our programmer did and make an easy to use recompressor as well.

Another important thing we need in order to translate the whole game properly are the credits, this has to do with the PS1's TIM format, doesn't seem to be compressed and I can take care of the translation, currently in beta. [this one has been solved]

Also trying to switch a music track with a different track, if someone out there has experience with the XA2 interleaved format, then I could use your help. This last point is not essential to the translation itself, the above things though are.

If you want more info on this project, check out our thread linked above, or PM me.

EDIT: problem solved by the AC3 Italian Fan-translation team, big thanks to them and programmer Infrid

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