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Author Topic: Looking for a way to edit .mpc video files (EA Games' FMV format for GCN games)  (Read 1219 times)


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One thing I've been wanting to do for my mod of 007: Agent Under Fire for the Gamecube is edit the three .mpc full motion video files that appear when you boot the game up. I would preferably be able to edit one to show a custom video of my choosing. From what I've read about the .mpc format it's actually an audio format, but somehow EA Game was able to add video to it as well. I'm able to open these .mpc videos with Sony Vegas (video editor) and view the video portion of the file but Vegas cannot re-render the video as .mpc. I've also tried using a program that works with the .mpc audio format, but wasn't able to successful make anything happen with that either.

Here's a link to a .mpc from the intro of Agent Under Fire if someone wants to take a crack at this  :beer:

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Actually, this would probably be better placed in the ROM Hacking thread...
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