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Author Topic: [Technical/Graphics][SNES]Star Fox Translation  (Read 1686 times)


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[Technical/Graphics][SNES]Star Fox Translation
« on: October 28, 2017, 08:09:01 pm »
I'm looking to grow our team to collaborate on an Esperanto translation of Star Fox. A couple of speakers and I have translated about 80% of the script and it should be finished in a couple weeks. I've done some basic text replacement in the ROM as well. The graphics/backgrounds should be translated as well, but extracting and replacing them is beyond any of our abilities right now. Help from anyone skilled in this area would be greatly appreciated.

For what it's worth, here's some information I've learned about Star Fox's graphics during my own research.
  • There are a couple ROM versions available. We intend to patch against SHA-1 CF08148CD8F26D51F8C67C956179DFC594E7A4F1, the same one as the Russian translation (/translations/2632)
  • I believe we only need to modify the bitmap graphics (not 3D objects). There's a few sound files we'd want to replace too but that effort is much lower priority.
  • Some assets are visible in a tile editor but I've read Star Fox's graphics are compressed. Lunar Compress claims to be able to extract them and offers this information:
LC_LZ15 Star Fox [GD] A format decompressed by the SFX chip.  Beware, the format is stored and read backwards! Thus, the address to start at should be the next byte past the END of the data structure!  If the starting address is set to 0, LC will use the file size as the address to start at. LastROMPosition is set to a fake value so existing apps can use the standard formula to get the compressed size.  If using sniff.exe, set that program's "Don't exclude matched areas" flag as sniff excludes areas going forwards.

Thanks to everyone in advance!