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Author Topic: [Technical] Opoona re-localization patch  (Read 1731 times)


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[Technical] Opoona re-localization patch
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:27:57 am »

I have completed a patch for Opoona (Wii) which fixes all the grammatical, syntax, and continuity errors in the game. I have no background in programming and was only able to do it because all the text is contained in one file and the pointers were obvious (I did not change the size of the file or the starting locations of any lines of text). I sought advice a few weeks ago regarding distribution options and was advised to make a batch file which would extract the file needing patching, patch it, and re-insert it, and another batch file to extract and patch without reinsertion to allow easy patching to play the game on their computer or their console.

Despite concerted effort, I have been unable to make any progress with these batch files, and thus I am requesting help.

What is being requested:

2 .bat files.

One which would extract the file, patch it, and reinsert it.

One which would extract and patch without reinsertion.

The file in question is DATA/system/msg_usa.bin. Wiiscrubber indicates that the file is not crypted, and I have had no trouble manually removing and reinserting the patched file. Despite effort, I have been unable to do anything with the .iso using wiimms iso tools. The patch is called opoona.ips.

I greatly appreciate anyone's help in making this work. I would really like to make the patching process as easy as possible for those interested in trying the game. If no one is able or willing to help I'll probably release just the .ips file in the next few weeks with manual patching instructions.