(DemoPatch) Megaman Legends 1 & 2 Remix (Item Move/Rebalance)

Started by ShadyRounds, October 18, 2017, 09:09:58 AM

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Hi, this looks promising. It's also nice to see a hack for a game like this that doesn't get much attention.

First things first. I don't mean to sound harsh, but wtf is legeds.img? Before you even think of doing something like this you have to look at what is the most accessible dump of this game? Is it even a good dump, etc? Also, img or iso formats are not proper dumps. A proper dump is cue/bin, which is a byte for byte copy of the original disk, which happens to be the most commonly available dump of these games, even on emuparadise. So before you go any further make sure your patches work with that version. Thanks.


I was considering that next actually. More specifically, chatting with fellow community member Kion about having a patcher that can patch any format of file and apply parts of the patch optionally and possibly shuffled by seed.

He suggested javascript's "node.js" to code. Just instruct it to look for strings unique to legends game code, and replace, with possibility to instruct it to take a list and populate another list of unique strings.

All this was literally next on my plate, before the texthack I was working on suddenly started invoking crashes. Maybe cat walked across keyboard when wasn't looking and I saved it foolishly. I'll just start taking chunks and applying them to a clean copy to see if the problem migrates with it.
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Project: Megaman Legends Remix


I like a lot of the idea of rebalancing the game. Making the enemies more aggressive and making the battles tighter is interesting.

Don't like the idea of a morality system. Rock Volnutt is a nice guy, and the story/setting is pretty upbeat. It's not Fallout or a WRPG. It doesn't fit the setting.

A separate Undub or MML JP Restored might work. Restore JP content but leave the game untouched. The JP version had a really unique main menu too.

Oh and this romhack is aimed to work on real hardware right?


Cool to see the games being worked on! I don't think most of these are related to your goals but they're the things I'd most like to see changed for MML1 (haven't played 2 yet) after beating it a few months back so it seems like the best place to post them:

-Mostly linear structure (you can sometimes choose between two dungeons but you're guided towards the "right" one and picking the other one is kind of redundant since the game doesn't let you explore it fully at that point, you'll gain new abilites over the course of the game which let you explore previous areas fully)

-Some enemies won't even react if shot from far enough away

-Your mines don't hurt you if you stand right next to an enemy and drop them (this does lots of damage quickly)

-Some control issues (very short invincibility time means you'll get hit several times in a row by some attacks and can get pinned down by multiple enemies in some situations, can't change targets while auto-aiming, minor delay after jumping and side dodging, some delay before using certain special weapons (and not being able to move while shooting) make them near useless against some bosses, have to touch a tile for the auto-mapper to fill it in which creates situations where it looks like there might be a path where you haven't explored 100% of a room, can't look around/aim while moving, can't move backwards while shooting)

-Can shoot faster manually by moving forward slightly between shots - Maybe it should be easier to fire that fast without a weird trick, so it's more like the 2D games?

-The (default) vacuum arm special weapon should be a default passive ability imo, as it makes for a better gameplay flow

-Some special weapons aren't very good (drill - good for destroying certain walls at least, grenade, blade, shield - can't move nor shoot at the same time, machine? - avoid upgrading its special (spread))
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I appreciate the feedback.

-I can in fact look into expanding how many tiles of map adjacent to you are revealed simultaneously. enough to reveal an entire default sized chestroom without perimeter walking just by standing at aforementioned chest in center.

-it would be easier to make legends2 decision-friendly tbh, 1 has too many things require the previous things to function, and i know the storyflags are very unfriendly, you can softlock simply by not talking to an npc at a doorway you're expected to in certain situations

-most people like the mines usage, just not that it's so early game overpowered. Other weapons are weaker, and the fact some are neigh useless compared to primary weapon is definitely an addressing point. Drill is strong in mml2, i can make it similar strength. blade i can try to add i-frames and movement distance at least. shield i can try to add perpetual kick-reflect hitbox to, and possibly add more projectiles interact with kickable state (bullets and the green blasts). Kicking automatically changes projectile's "team", as in what it can damage, so that's exciting. Machine buster, i might just add free bullets along with spread (and thus extra damage) or i might instead add piercing bullets. Not sure about regular grenade, considered giving it higher initial arc and better default range and maybe better bounce physics and better collision detection radius and more damage. Grand nade would still have wallbreaking as well as wide aoe going for it, even if both did nearly same damage.

-The game at one point in beta appeared to have support for 2 special weapons, i'm not sure if it's in my ability to handle that but it's an idea.

-I'm already adding abundant rapid-boost stats to buster parts, which when present makes shutter-firing actually slower, and it makes some parts and builds valid since i'm also making it harder to boost attack without sacrificing energy and by default attack and energy not being both maxable simultaneously without easy-mode BusterMax (which also won't max by start, but can max everything in combo with 2 other parts).

-The linear map suggestion, did give me the idea just now, to add more destructible walls to dungeons perhaps. They load to ram in every non-story dungeon, i can put them in several places, and maybe in the case of the explodable ones add weapons that can break it.

-I also considered if i get to making a randomizer, having a setting that might outright change what specweps do. Make missiles single-fire, make cannon homing, make gun fire grenades, make one gun do the green charge blast thing (would honestly be difficult to use if the animation for it's windup is long), and ect.

...and now the bad news: due to a reoccuring crash i cannot trace to any particular issue nor can i compare to vanilla game, i'm likely to leave the quizschool romhack down for an extended period of time. I'm sorry, it was really exciting for me to work on too, just to actually complete it and it be unuseable.
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Project: Megaman Legends Remix


Hey im new the site and i was wondering if theres any news on this at all? Ive been waiting for a megaman legends randomizer for some time and couldnt find any as ive beaten the game over 100 times and needed a new challenge. Then i just randomly try to search again for a randomizer after about 1 year of not looking and i stumbled across this and was like OMG its happening. I played the game so much as a child i even beat juno about 6 times both forms no damage buster only. And i hope this isnt a scrapped project i really look forward to this when its finished it looks like the challenge i been looking for i needed a challenge for this game