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Fire Emblem All-Stars

Started by Schwa3, December 24, 2019, 12:40:41 AM

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I've been working on this hack for about a month now. The general idea of this hack is similar to Sonic Generations but for Fire Emblem, where I take characters and levels from the series history and put them all in one game. Right now the gameplay is mostly finished with the game being beatable from start to finish. The difficulty balancing is the current item on the itinerary, with 14/16 levels more or less where I want them to be. As of right now there is no story, and that will be my next to do and most likely the hardest thing to do. I'm planning to release a version without a story as soon as I finish initial difficulty balancing to get feedback so I can make more improvements before the full story release. The general project overview can be found here: .


I love Fire Emblem hacks. Have any pictures or video to share?


Most maps and characters are using placeholders, since I want to make the game fun first before anything else, but I have a few maps that I think are ready to go in this album . The Jill portrait is the only one I've personally done for a unit so far (I've gotten permission from a bunch of other sprite artists to use their work), but I also want to improve it.