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Super Smash Bros 64. Hack Mod Revolution

Started by leyenda_roja, October 31, 2015, 01:44:33 PM

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Hello my romhacking friends. On this case, I present you, my rom hack mod of Super Smash Bros 64. The features are that there are new Characters, Levels and more.  The project is yet on phase beta.
The new Chars are:
Bomberman! for first time ever on a SSB game.


and the char selecet screen:

The project's name is : Super Smash Bros 64. Revolution

If like the project, you can follow the updates on the Official Chanel on Youtube:


Pretty neat. Is it just a model swap or are there more advanced changes in the pipeline?

Serious suggestion: You should make Lip from Panel de Pon a character.


This hack looks really cool.

What you should do to your hack is expand the memory space of the ROM to 64MB. This way you can keep all the original characters, stages and music and you can expand on them by adding the new characters, stages and music that you want to add to the game without replacing anything.

Are you planning to add the three characters that Sakurai wanted to add in the first game but he couldn't because of time constraints: Bowser, King Dedede and Mewtwo.

Are you also planning to restore the original Japanese sound effects that was taken out of the American version back to it as well?

Quick Curly

This looks very awesome and promising! My brother and I would play Super Smash Bros. like crazy while growing up. I hope that you'll have success with seeing this project through. Best of luck! :thumbsup:


Awesome! which program are you using to replace the textures?


What programs did you use to do this? How do you import custom models like that? Like, for real, it's been a lot of peoples dream to do a rom hack like this for YEARS, and suddenly you just seem to do it without much fan fair. I mean this is REALLY impressive. How do you do it?