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Sprite Priority Issues (Mega Man X3) *SOLVED*

Started by justin3009, September 28, 2017, 04:17:37 PM

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Trying to finalize the armor code for it to display on the NPC version of X, and it works pretty well.. until NPC X walks in front of another character with Armor on.

Right now, NPC X's sprite priority value is set so he'd be placed BEHIND every other character, INCLUDING the Armor pieces that display over top. Altering his priority values doesn't help at all in fixing the issue as if it's not behind everything, he'll be in front of the armor!

With him being behind the armor and walking over, he'll work just fine by walking behind the object because of the priority.. except the Armor is ABOVE everything.

I have absolutely zero idea how to even trace this or figure out what's setting the priority. I'm very baffled on how to fix this. If I was able to find the source this wouldn't be a problem but just trying to figure out exactly how the heck it's doing this is beyond me and the only 'real' bug left with having the NPC's wear Armor.

Edit: The issue. It looks like the only thing going BEHIND is X's head.. for whatever reason.

Edit 2: Aaaaaaaaaaand I just figure it out as I post this. This seems to be a recurring trend every time I have a problem.
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