[Technical][NES] GHOSTBUSTERS (Cannot find all text to translate)

Started by tkabt06, April 08, 2018, 03:46:34 PM

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Hi! I am doing a translation of Ghostbusters NES game (First) but I cannot fint the texts that is on the buildings in the map-scene. For example "GS" or "SHOP".


Not sure this should be in the Help Wanted section, but...

At $643C you'll find all that text in the following format:
first two bytes: position in PPU RAM to place text (little-endian)
next four bytes: the required tiles (backwards, for some reason)

In other words, the "GS" has this:
68 28 44 33 27 00
which means it's stored at $2868 in PPU RAM and has a black tile (00) then GS (27 33) plus a building tile (44). Just play with the bytes afterwards to change the rest.

Hope this helps! :) If you want to know how I did it, I used FCEUX's debugger to find where the PPU RAM was getting the "GS" from, which eventually led me to the address I told you. Didn't take long. :)


Thanks  :woot!:

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Hi again.
Is there a way to change for how long the Fuel lasts?
I downloaded another hack (SMS edition for NES) and it seems that theyve made fuel last forever in that one. I want something in between. How?