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Super Mario Bros. NES: upside down pipe

Started by Szemigi, September 05, 2017, 04:23:52 PM

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I've seen the upside down pipes in a few Super Mario Bros hacks. Can anybody tell me where to find/edit the upside down pipe hex code?


They probably made ASM hacks (or ported it from SMB2j)
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You can use the upside down pipe patch here, made by MHS:
Instructions: After patching, in SMB Utility, you will see two "None (Upside down pipe)" located in V pos 15.
Side effects: Castle looping processes will be used, so you will no longer be able to use them.
For red upside down piranha plants to come out of the pipes: Made by Betaworld.

You might want to use Insectduel's SMB Utility for SMB2J-like levels.
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I used the reversed piranha plant pipe, but that made the game only 1-player. It means there were no cursor (you know, the mushroom cursor). I couldn't choose whether 1 or 2-player.

I want this reversed piranha plant to not to make the game 1-player.
How can I fix it or you?


Your best bet is to use Insectduel's SMB Utility, which makes SMB2J-like hacks, as there is no easy way around it. (The coding of both the upside Piranha plant and upside down pipes must have taken so much data...)
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