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Another Weird Donkey Kong Clone

Started by SleepyFist, September 05, 2017, 12:49:46 AM

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    In my short experience with the local 25cent arcade I've been exposed to not only OG Donkey Kong but also Crazy Kong and now this bizarre puzzle version I can't ID.

    A few things I noticed

    Manager claims it was "Monkey Donkey", a quick search says no, this is a very different game.

Palette glitching in lives counter and score area

level 3 swapped to beginning, level 1 now level 2.

Level 2 layout drastically redesigned, more resembling some kind of puzzle platformer that exploits fall damage to keep players on course.

inconsistent hitboxes on items, pickups only trigger when you pass completely over an item, not on touch.

Game Advances to next level when you reach the same floor as DK, not Pauline.

Sketch of level 2 from memory, may be wrong or missing elements.

If anybody knows what this thing is I'd like to know, it was a cool oddity, seeing this game randomly turn into a puzzle all of the sudden and I'd like to play more on my own time, I suspect it's a hack and not an original bootleg version.[/list]


I doubt it exists, but if you want to talk about weird Donkey Kong clones, there's a bug-ridden one called Krazy Kong for two different ZX systems in Europe made by C-Tech, which was actually distributed in Computer & Video Games magazine and was critically panned due to both excessive bugs and being very inferior to the Nintendo original and other clones.