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Author Topic: Mega Man X3 - Proto Edition (1.0 release)  (Read 3555 times)


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Mega Man X3 - Proto Edition (1.0 release)
« on: August 23, 2017, 11:04:04 pm »
1.0 release 8/30/2017

Like the previous two, this sequel puts you in control of Protoman from the
classic series once again.

What's done so far:

1.All of X’s graphic tiles have been changed with sprites of Protoman

2.New dialogue

3.Protoman has his own weapon get sprite

4.Protoman has his own 1up sprite

5.Protoman has his own menu icon

6.Protoman has his own life bar icon 

7.Charge shot palettes are different

8.You can only access 3 upgrade enhancement capsules like the first title
(In addition, you can also access the red/pink capsules)

9.New weapon colors

10.Protoman has his own intro cutscene sprite

11.Protoman has his own menu protrait

12.Protoman has his own stage select icon

Here are some screen shots:

I'll be releasing a patch for this, once i'm done making some minor adjustments.

EDIT: I made some more changes. it's nothing major though, but i am satisfied with
the results.


A new title screen logo(this is also shown on the preview video)

I changed X.Buster to P.Buster in the weapons menu. However, changing the "X", also effected
the word "EXIT", spelling it as "EPIT" :huh:
I don't know how i'm going to fix that :-\

(Originally, the weapon was going to be called P.Strike, but after looking at some info on
Mega Man Powered Up, and playing the game as Protoman, I realized that the name was already
used. Plus you can only fire charged shots in that game. Which was something I didn't want
in my hack.)

Here's a link to the patch:

To patch this, you'll need a copy of this file: Mega Man X 3 (U) [!].smc, and Lunar IPS
or flips. Whichever one.

And make sure it's unheadered.

There are still some things I want to add, but that will be in the next version:

. A smaller life bar

. Shorter dash length

. Different charged shots 

. Figuring out how to fix the spelling error of the word "EXIT"
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Re: Mega Man X3 - Proto Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2017, 11:32:56 pm »
This looks interesting, can you show us a video of this hack in action?

Hope everything goes well with this hack in those minor adjustments.


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Re: Mega Man X3 - Proto Edition(1.0 release)
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2017, 02:57:27 am »
I uploaded a video that shows off a new title screen logo I made, and some short gameplay of the hack.

NOTE: I released the first version of the patch. The link is on the
first post
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