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Translating every Master System game

Started by Psyklax, August 15, 2017, 09:34:37 AM

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Quote from: Psyklax on December 01, 2017, 03:33:27 PM
Oh, that's a good point, I don't remember if I ever did. :D I guess I should get round to that. Plus releasing all my Famicom Disk System translations... Thanks for the reminder! ;)

No problem, looking forward to that title screen! I can give that a test for you on real hardware too and let you know how it turns out. Just make sure to change the region. Japanese SMS roms wont boot on an North American or European Master System.

John Enigma

How many Sega Master System games have been translated yet?


Looks like 6 have been translated thus far into English, judging by the info on this site (unless there's more elsewhere, on some other sites - but I don't think that's the case). There are 12 Japanese/Brazilian games left overall, only 2 being kinda text-heavy: Loretta no Shouzou and Tensai Bakabon.

John Enigma

So the remaining two are an investigation sim (Loretta no Shouzou: Sherlock Holmes) (Sega SG-1000), and a game based on a manga, and possibly an anime as well (Tensai Bakabon) (Sega Master System).

I can see why these would be text heavy.


 I translated 95% of the Ferias Frustradas do Picapau in-game texts but I am still fixing some errors:


Thanks to someone reminding me this existed, I looked through ResetCartucho's site and noticed 3 'completed definitive' english translations:

Os 12 Trabalhos de Jongo
Acerte o Alvo

John Enigma

Quote from: Digitsie on October 06, 2018, 10:58:21 PM
Thanks to someone reminding me this existed,

No prob.

Also, does anybody with Sega Master System (or Sega consoles in general) know how many Brazilian SMS games there are?


Quote from: John Enigma on October 06, 2018, 11:18:10 PM
No prob.

Also, does anybody with Sega Master System (or Sega consoles in general) know how many Brazilian SMS games there are?

List of Brazilian Original Games for Master System:
1-Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau(Based in the Woody Woodpecker TV series)(Platform Game)
2-Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo(Based in TV series of same name)(Platform Game)
3-Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum(Based in TV series of same name)(Platform Game)
4-Acerte o Alvo(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
5-Aquaduto(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
6-Arqueiro(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
7-Ataque dos Vermes((No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
8-Bolas e Cores(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
9-Bolhas(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
10-Bombeiros(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
11-Cava-Cava(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
12-Creature Capture(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
13-Dominó(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
14-Fábrica de Chocolate(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Platform Game)
15-Memória Master(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
16-Mina Terrestre(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
17-Minerador(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
18-Os 12 Trabalhos de Jongo(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
19-Palhaços(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Mini Game)
20-Senha(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
21-Sudoku(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
22-Tangram(No Cartridge, Built-in game)(Puzzle Game)
23-20 em 1(Collection of 20 original games on a unique cartridge, it's like Action 52)
24-Street Fighter 2(Released in English)

List of Brazilian Official Hacks:
1-Mônica no Castelo do Dragão(Official hack of Wonder Boy in Monster Land)(Based in Turma da Mônica comics)
2-Turma da Mônica em o Resgate(Official hack of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap)(Based in Turma da Mônica Comics)
3-Sapo Xulé: S.O.S Lagoa Poluída(Official hack of Astro Warrior)(Based in the Sapo Xulé toy)
4-Sapo Xulé VS Os Invasores do Brejo(Official hack of Psycho Fox)(Based in the Sapo Xulé toy)
5-Sapo Xulé: O Mestre do Kung Fu(Official hack of Kung Fu Kid)(Based in the Sapo Xulé toy)
6-Geraldinho(Official hack of Teddy Boy)(Based in the comics character Geraldinho)
7-Chapolim X Drácula: Um Duelo Assustador(Official hack of Ghost House)(Based on Chapolim Holorado)
8-TV Colosso(Official hack of Astérix and The Secret Mission)(Based on TV Colosso TV Series)

Exists various others built-in Master System games that, I don't have certain if are really Master System games, because the Master System version this games appear is actually a emulator with a Master System body, so the built-in games on the list are certified by me using as base the tests I made: playing the games I got and watching gameplays and then comparing they with your Mega Drive versions.
The only games I don't have direct access are: Aquaduto,Arqueiro e Ataque dos Vermes.


So looking at the Brazilian site again, it looks like 'Domino' and 'Memoria Master' have been completed.

A few other 'still beta' there, as well.