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Started by RHDNBot, July 28, 2017, 05:20:48 AM

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The Murder on the Mississippi patch works, but there's an issue with the CRC32, which is listed as 52366456. I have a ROM that throws up a completely different CRC32 (5d003ead), but its MD5 does match the listed MD5 (3d7541876f01d99ae09446fe51180ee1).

I can't find any MotM ROM that has a CRC32 of 52366456. Am I missing something, or is the listed CRC32 just nonsense? I don't know of any scenario where the CRC32 wouldn't match but the MD5 would.

Otherwise, I've been playing Murder on the Mississippi with my wife and sort of enjoying it -- I'll write a review once we beat it. Whatever problems the original game itself may have, I'm very grateful for the localization/translation. :) There are a couple glitches (including one not mentioned in the README) but nothing too bad so far.