Combining Final Fantasy VII HardType + PC Translation (PSX)?

Started by Skeletro, July 10, 2017, 09:09:28 AM

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Has anyone figured out if it's possible to combine Final Fantasy VII HardType + PC Translation (GreenGoblin) for PSX? I'm itching to replay FF7 but don't want to sacrifice one over the other. Thanks for the help!  ;)


I wouldn't go around combining any two PS1 patches unless one is specifically made for being put on top of another.  Multipatching with CD games in general is a bit more complicated than with IPS patches on carts I'm afraid (and the latter can be iffy unless you know what you're doing).


Yeah, I was wondering if anyone with more expertise than me has attempted this or is interested. Would be great if it could be accomplished. If not, then I'll just have pick one.