(PSX) Xenogears: Growth Table Location Question

Started by Edea, July 08, 2017, 12:16:25 PM

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I'm using ForteGSOmega's Battle Mechanics FAQ on GameFAQs as a reference, but I can't seem to get a positive hit for the values said to be stored in said growth tables with simple hex searching. The reference probably switched the order of the values around, and the disc image is far too large to try locating smaller sequences.

Does anyone happen to know the addresses at which the two character growth tables are located (as listed in said FAQ, near the bottom of the document), or perhaps the order in which they are stored on the disc image so I can locate them on my own with hex searching?  Thanks in advance to anyone able/willing to help.

EDIT: Got help from the FAQ writer, managed to locate the areas where the tables are stored ($218c8a45 and $219a4d45 are both places where they seem to start, if those addresses are interpretable/useful in some way).  Every eight bytes or so had a '00' after it that I wasn't taking into account, and the entries for each character are not immediately sequential to one another; there's additional data between each one that was obscuring the results.  Problem solved, -but- if anyone wants to add extra info about this I'd definitely appreciate it.


I manged to change characters starting stats, but could find nothing else, could you give a little more insight into how the data is laid out in the tables?

Also do you have anything related to Chu-Chu in gear form?