Which tool/program they used to generate snes picture

Started by yugisokubodai, June 27, 2017, 12:28:42 PM

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I've tried several pic 2 snes format programs out there but none is as accurate as I wish.
I wonder back then 20 years ago, which tool/program did Snes artis use to generate Snes picture?

P/s: the following result was done with SnesGFX v2.62, which palette is not accurate and some tiles are wrong.



I've tried some tools, the best so far I can find are BMP2SNES, grit, usenti.
Klarth's Tile Editor tool is supposed to be exactly what you need, but I'm not sure if it has been released yet.


Sorry, TileShop won't be released for some time. I'm having some UI/XML design difficulty regarding differences with the UI handling linear and tiled editing modes. I expect to release a beta sometime soon after that, but I don't have much time to work on it currently. Importing graphics won't be available in this initial release.


Back in the day, developers might have used a similar computer (like Apple iigs) and maybe used drawing programs like Deluxe Paint II.

The apple iigs has the same processor as SNES, and can do 4 bpp graphics, similar to many of the modes on SNES, and sprites.

Though, I can't be sure of exactly what they used. This is speculation, mostly.
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