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Hokuto no Ken 4 famicom translation attempt

Started by jackic, March 05, 2019, 11:28:08 AM

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I am toying with the idea of making a full translation for this game, I tried in the past but I failed miserably due to the graphics being mostly compressed.

A few days ago I had an epiphany on how to show roman characters ingame, even though the program has a full roman alphabet, it only loads it during the intro screen, so I screwed a bit around and I managed this:

I still do not have a full script dump as the game uses a dictionary system to save on space and I am still filling the blanks, even though the dictionary could use a revision as there are various repeats (hokuto shinken, hokuto souke, hokuto ryuken...)

03 March: I already have a dump of the script.

I am making this post to garner some interest in the game and , hopefully, get some help in the form of text translation; I can barely read hiragana and I have a very hard time with katakana as many of them look very alike. This is supposed to be a long term project so no hurries there, any help will be greatly appreciated even if only is a one or two sentence translation.

I made this wiki for that purpose:

There is still some room to fit a few more tiles so a french, portuguese, german and other european languages might be possible to do with the base that there is already even though my goal is to make an english / spanish localization side by side. All the work that has been done has been towards the spanish side but it can be very easily localized to English or any other languaje that uses roman characters.

This is just an example on the kind of language in the game:

どうして ケソシロウは たすけに<line>きてくんないの? ほくとしんけんは<line>ほろんじやったのかな<end>

The game is not great by any means but it is the only one Hokuto no Ken famicom game that still can not be enjoyed by non japanese speakers.

Thanks for reading.